I know this seems a bit crazy, but if someone (and I am considering it hard) would go for the land record and hit 30 in 25 days....

What advice would you give?

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Have a very deep bank account! 

Is this even possible? I'm going to 2 stadiums in the same day twice this year but there aren't a lot of instances where two teams in the same city play on the same day. 

If you're going to do it, I'd try to do as much flying as possible. Over such a long period, 1 hour flights will be a lot easier than 4-5 hour drives. it could get tedious doing it that way. See if you can get a discounted rate at a hotel chain. If you're staying at a Hilton for 25 nights in a row, they might give you a good rate. By day 20, you'll appreciate staying at decent hotel.

I've mapped out 4 days of 2 ball parks. Still trying to iron out the other days.

Hi Bill,

here is the only schedule in 2014 that was possible.  So far it looks good.


Also, here is what you have for Doubleheader opportunities in 2014


Here is part 1 of that 30 in 25 trip.


Here is Josh's writeup on mapping out the land routes for quickest runs to all 30 MLB Parks.

I hope this helps you a bit Bill.

Chuck Booth



Consult Chuck Booth about possible routes. In 2008, I drove to all 30 mlb stadiums in 26 days. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
I agree with Thirty26; Chuck Booth is the Yoda of baseball travel. All due respect to anyone else out there he is unrivaled when it comes to mapping out a travel plan....

Thank Jim.

Love the Yoda comment.  Next year it will really be put to the test when I go to a game everyday of the entire year in all 30 MLB Parks.  I may need to infuse a JEDI mind-trick here and there.

In 2012 my teenaged son and I did 8 games in 8 cities in 8 days (all by air). The trip is just a blur in the rear-view mirror now, but exciting as we were doing it. For you, I'd recommend a personal private jet! By land only??? When it's over, you might be glad to have done it, and you'll certainly have enormous bragging rights, but I suspect that about half way through you might begin to wonder why it was so important to spend 25 days of your life that way. Best of luck, though!

I totally understand how crazy this is. Especially in my condition. But this is something my son will never forget. Even long after I am gone.

True dat. We started for real in 2010 and have made one MLB trip each year since. Coming up at the end of May are NYY, Blue Jays, Indians, Tigers, then our Giants at Reds. That will make 28 total. It's been fun, and he too will remember it long after I've gone, but each year he's a little less wildly enthusiastic and a little less willing to have his picture taken. I just hope we can get Seattle and Kansas City to finish it all off summer 2015 before he stops talking to me for the rest of his teen years.

That's awesome
So I think my schedule is set
July 19 @SD

July 20 @Oak

July 21 @Sea

July 22 @Ari

July 23 @Rox

July 24 @Minn

July 25 @Cubs

July 26 @Tex

July 27 @LAA

July 28 @SF

July 29 @LAD

July 30 @KC

July 31 @Det and @Clev

Aug 1 @Bos

Aug 2 @Stl

Aug 3 @TB

Aug 4 @NYM and NY

Aug 5 @Tor

Aug 6 @Chw and @Mil

Aug 7 @Nats and @Pitt

Aug 8 @Cinn

Aug 9 @Hou

Aug 10 @Atl

Aug 11 @Philly and @Balt

Aug 12 @ Mia

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If you want to do this, then do it, but it sounds like an accomplishment, not fun to me. If it does to you, then ignore me. You're flying all 1,000 miles in one direction one day and then another 1,000 he next. In some cases you may have trouble getting a morning flight that gets you to the next city and if there is one it might be expensive. (That's why I haven't done Pittsburgh or Toronto yet)

I assume you'll do a one way rental car to do two games on the same day. The timing looks tight on those and you may have to leave a game early or arrive after the next game starts. 

I just did five stadiums on the east coast in four days and I have to say I was pretty spent by the fifth game. That said, I'm sure some people who've done trips like this have had a blast. 



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