5 Seasons; 30 Ballparks; 2 Inseperable BFFs; and Infinite Memories!

It all began in the winter of 2012; when I came up with the idea of wanting to visit all 30 MLB stadiums! Something that had never occurred to me before, but I'm glad I, along with my best friend, accomplished it! It all began with the Mariano Rivera's Final Season! I didn't think that it would happen, but it the Baseball Gods made it so that the 2 weeks that I had planned the trip, the Yankees were playing at Dodger Stadium! The trip included all the Stadiums on the West Coast; Seattle, San Fran, Oakland, LA, Anaheim, and San Diego!

We then wanted to follow up with the Midwest Stadiums in 2014, but in the winter of 2013, Derek Jeter announces his retirement! Plans instantly changed! Being a HUGE Yankee fan, I had to satisfy the Baseball Gods and see Derek Jeter in NY! The Baseball Gods pleasantly responded by including in the 2 week travel window, a weekend in Boston with the Yankees IN TOWN!!! Oh, but they were not done! Not only did we catch the series of the Greatest Rivalry of ALL sports; but Derek Jeter went yard over the Green Monster!!! I would have been OK with ending my stadium that year; with the North East corridor stadiums; Philly, Baltimore, DC, Boston, and a double header day (Citi field & Yankee Stadium) in NY!!!

*Side note; while in NY, we went to the 9-11 Memorial and that was just an experience all to itself. A definite must for those that visit NY.

2015 was a "7th inning stretch of sorts; with only 3 stadiums on the schedule (Tampa, Miami, & Atlanta). So, we decided to take advantage of the break with an extended stay in Miami! Amazing! Even if it was my 2nd time visiting the city, it's such a fun place! South Beach Clubs! Snorkeling and Jet Skiing in the Keys! And, the great food!

2016 was the LONGEST HAUL; Mid-West! We took a Greyhound to Phoenix, caught a game and one of my favorite clubs, slept, then caught a flight to Colorado, rented a car and drove STRAIGHT to Minnesota! After a few hours of sleep, caught up with my high school baseball coach (had just recently moved to MN) and his family to catch the Twins game. After the game, drove straight to KC! Again, slept for a few hours, and drove to St. Louis. Had some disappointing BBQ (which we were looking forward to), then caught the game on a SUPER HUMID day! After the game drove back to KC, caught a few hours of sleep, woke up, had AMAZING KC BBQ, met up with a cousin who was in town visiting another cousin, then caught the Royals game (the fans there a no joke!) together. Also, ran into the "Marlins Guy" before the game. For those of you that have caught any post season game on TV know who I'm talking about. After the game, caught up with a few more cousins for dinner, and then slept for a few more hours. Early in the AM, it was back on the road back to Colorado! Finally a day off to catch up on some sleep. Next day caught the Rockies game. Slept after the night, dropped the car rental in the AM, caught a flight to Dallas, rented a car, drove by the Daly Plaza, and then off to Houston! Rested for the rest of the day, caught the Astros game, then headed back to Dallas. Next day, caught the Rangers game, and had a Boom Stick Hotdog! In the AM, returned the car and caught a flight back to LA!

2017 was probably the most scenic trip! With all the stadiums being around the Great Lakes, it was just so beautiful! Flew in and out of Chicago; so again, it was a lot of driving. Luckily, not as bad a 2016. Toronto was an amazing town! Went to Niagara Falls before the game; which is such a sight to see! Drove back to Detroit, watched a game! Then it was off to Cleveland, then Pittsburgh; went to Shanksville to the 9-11 memorial (because I promised my students I would go if I had the chance). Then Cincinnati, then drove up to Chicago. Stayed the night, then it was a day trip to Milwaukee! Drove back to Chicago and slept! Did some sight seeing while in Chicago (Infinity Cloud & Buckingham Fountain) and had some of the best BBQ! Caught a Sox game! Then on the 4th of July, the last stadium on the trip; Wrigley Field! Awesome way to end the endeavor! 

So, what now? Now, I'm thinking International Baseball! Next year, I am planning either the Caribbean Baseball league and Cuban Baseball! Or, Japanese and Korean Baseball! Either way, I cannot get enough of this game!

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Sounds like a bunch of great trips. Glad you had fun. Great to see others doing all thirty.

We were thinking to do the Japanese League but instead we decided to try some basketball and Hockey first.



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