Is it possible to make it to 2 games in one day? The Giants play at 1:05 and the A's play at 7:05. Is the travel far?

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Yes. There is a bart station about 1 mile away from PAc Bell that goes directly to the A's stadium. I didn't go to both in one day, but I took the bart to 2000 from SF. In 2005 I did day night DH with Stockton/SF and Sf and San Jose which are both much further and require driving between the 2 parks 

Thanks Bob, I appreciate the info! Have a great season.

It is very possible.  Just get on BART and you will be able to get right to O.Co.  You can even stay in the hotel both nights as BART will take you back to S.F.  I wish we were going to be able to take advantage of day night games this June.  We only have early afternoon and one mid, the rest are all night games.  Have fun.  When are you going?


Thanks Kathy, I appreciate the info. Have a great season.

It'd be easy. Coliseum is right by a BART stop and AT&T isn't a long walk from one. Looking at the schedules, those particular time starts only happens once on June 14. So you don't have a lot of choices. I'm actually planning on doing this in New York and Southern California this season.

Thanks David. Have a good time in NY and Cali! Have a great season.

it is about a 30 minute drive. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system is quicker if you don't want to drive.

that's the June 14th games. We are thinking about that trip too.

Thanks brother!! I appreciate the info. Have a great season.

I didn't do it in the same day but it would be easy with the times you listed above. I took the fairy from San Fran to Oakland and it was great! The only challenge was finding transportation from the drop-off spot in Oakland to the ballpark as there wasn't cabs present. We ended up calling a cab. 

Cool, thanks for the info brother. Have a great season.

I have done this before with a rental car - but that was when the Giants were still at Candlestick. You may not appreciate this yet but going from day game in SF to night game in OAK is probably nicer than the reverse. For the trip I made in the mid 1990's [late May], day game in Oak...t-shirt & shorts. Beautiful day. Drove to The Stick, put on jeans and a sweatshirt...and a jacket...and froze. I still have the Giants scarf I bought that night.

The first time I took my husband to San Francisco, was over the July 4th weekend.  We lived in Texas where it was HOT.  We stayed in Danville most of the trip, but a couple of nights in San Francisco.  We saw the Giants at Candlestick, where I grew up going, changed from shorts and sandles to heavy winter garb and back to shorts before we left the parking lot.  As it turned it out it was 90 the week we were there.  My husband could not believe the difference.  It was fun, but COLD.  I know we are going to need to bring coats with us this June as well.  But, it will be fun again. 



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