Hello Fellow Chasers, I'm wondering if anyone here will be attending a Dbacks game on 06/09 or A's game on 06/22 or Giants game on 06/23. All 3 ballparks will be 27-29 for me and I'd love to meet up with fellow local chaser(s) and catch the game. I live in Miami if anyone plans to attend ASG weekend and has any questions.


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I won't be there on any of those dates, but I'll be finishing my 30th ballpark at Safeco Field on 7/9 so out of curiosity which will be the only ballpark you'll have left?
Safeco Field! I'll be in Seattle over Labor Day weekend for my final. How'd you like it?
I'll let you know on the 9th when I go lol.

I forgot to get back to you Juan. I had a really great time at Safeco last month with some friends of mine. I tweeted at the official Mariners handle on Twitter and they brought down a cool grab bag of goodies for me so you could try to do that. It was really awesome to be complete my goal of all 30! Have fun over Labor Day!

Hey! Thanks Nathan. Congrats on your accomplishment. I actually emailed the Mariners requesting to throw out the first pitch but got denied (hey, it was worth a shot!). They did say they would do something for me but not sure what yet. I'll tweet them too. Curious, where did you sit? Been searching Stubhub for tickets and see some real bad options in terms of 'value'. Shockingly, buying directly from the M's makes more sense. Where did you sit? Our game is a day game so I'm trying to find shade in the lower level and stay on the 1st base side. Any tips?

I sat in section 109 right next to the right field foul pole. If you want shade during the day on the first base side just pick seats about halfway up the lower level first base side sections or above and that should keep you in the shade, but the 2nd level doesn't have much of an overhang. You can use this picture as kind of guide for where the sun will be for a day game.

what time of the day was it?

It was a 1pm game at the start.

Cool, thanks!



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