Ballpark Artwork- Can you identify all 30 ballparks?

Just ran into this exhibit at the All Star Game FanFest...

AMAZING!! All of the ballparks are represented using one of the unique features for that park. See if you can guess all 30 active ballparks! :)

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I got 24 right.

Cool- I had the most trouble with the ones I haven't visited yet...
along with a few others :) I only got 20.

I missed three! Thanks for sharing, Katie! How fun! Are you purchasing any?

Definitely want to! Maybe once I finish all 30. I just need to figure out where I would hang it...

I got them all but Progressive Field. Probably because It was a picture of the light fixtures and I went to a day game...haha. Pretty cool.

Got all 30 but I had to admit Denver Cleveland and Seattle were tough. It helps that I've been to 26 (soon to be 28). Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

I got 22 right. This is very cool. Thank you for sharing.

Looks like the link is dead. Here's the new url-

Thanks for the update, Katie! We love S. Preston's work! He actually designed our Meetup shirts this year!

Cool!  Shirts look great!  Have a great weekend out at the ballpark! 



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