I found this article/photo gallery on huffington post about the transition of boring beer to great beer around Major League ballparks. I have to agree, wouldn't you! As someone that can appriciate a nice cold-one during a game I much rather fork out a few extra bucks for a nice beer. I am curious on other chasers opionions on this. Do you prefer a traditional lager or a quality microbrew? See the article below>>>


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What is your favorite beer at the ballpark? I am really into Blue Point Toasted Lager right now

Great find, Jack! I love me a good brew as well. Out of the ones featured in the HP article, I love Dales Pale Ale. But on a warm summer day, nothing beats a pyramid hefeweizen at a Mariners game!

I usually go for the microbrews especially if there are some that I haven't had.  A lot of the stadiums that I have been to the past few years, stadiums are starting to have some great microbrew stands. Citi Field probably has the biggest, Nationals Park has the best (as far as I am concerned - the Red Porch in CF has a great selection at typical ballpark prices). Petco Park also has a few stands with great selections.


The picture shown is from the Phillies @ Nationals game I went to last year showing the Red Porch.  Game started on time, played for 5 minutes and then had a 3 hour rain delay. Ryan Zimmerman won it with a walk-off GS much to the chagrin of the Phillies fans (majority of the park)


It depends on the park, but generally I would prefer to have a local microbrew when I visit a park. At Wrigley Field I like to get an Old Style, but otherwise, keep it interesting

Microbrews are almost always the best. I used to love having a Shiner Bock at the Ballpark in Arlington.

Go for the Rahr Red at the Beers of Texas booth. Quality Fort Worth beer.

Do they sell Shiner anymore? Last time I was there I couldn't find it but that was a few years ago. I've had Rahr Red and I liked it.

Yeah, they sell Shiner at various parts. Off the top of my head, you can get it at the Beers of Texas booth, Beers of the World concession window, and some random stands on the 200 level.

Great article.  I also opt for the microbrews.  Target Field has a Sully tap down the 3rd base line.  It is a locally brewed beer that I highly recomend!!

Thanks for the info on this... I'll be going to see a Cubs/Twins game in June... I'll have to check that beer out...

There are some beers like Dale's and Anchor that I can get at home, but I definitely became a fan of Great Lakes after visiting Cleveland. I thought Yards should be representing Philly too, but how are you going to have a beer list and not include Boston? Madness, I say.

good article!  nothin better than travelling to a new park and getting to sample some of the towns local micro brews in the sun.  In Seattle, it would suggest any of Pyramid's beers.  the brewery is literally accross the street from Safeco.  Lookin forward to going to Petco in 4weeks to see the Mariners play and sampe some souther cali beers!!  cheers all.



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