I've been collecting the lapel pins for each stadium as I visit them. Eventually I'm gonna get a display case and use that to display them, at least, once I get enough worth displaying. And once I find them, after getting one at Marlins Park I have realized I can't find my others at this moment, must have gotten misplaced after my last move.


Got me wondering what, if anything, other people on here collect?

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Pictures mainly.  This last trip I made sure to get one of me at all the parks, though some are better than others.  I have them displayed in my Man Cave with my ticket stub under them.  Above them is a post card of each park from a set that my wife bought me of all 30 parks.  Kinda cool! :)

That's cool. I've been trying to get pics too. But the one of me at Marlins Park last week didn't come out well, the shadows were too bad, but I didn't know it until I'd left.

Thankfully I'm gonna be going back a couple more times this year.

I stopped doing ticket stubs once they switched to letting you print your tickets off at home and bring them to the game that way, allowing me to avoid the ticket office lines on the day of games.

Hey Jon...check out Greg's forum from a few years back about other stuff Chasers collect at the ballpark. For me it's simply the ticket stub. I am going to create a collage after I complete all 30! 

awesome, thanks, hadn't seen that forum.

I also collect pins, and ticket stubs too. The stubs I am just doing for the first game at each new park, and I try to get pins with the stadium logo or city related picture on it. I hate those cheap looking all gold ones with the banner under them, and the only ones I really had trouble with so far are the White Sox and the Nationals; I still don't have one for either team.

I collect caps for each of the teams I have seen, as well as the ticket stub, pocket schedule and game program.  I bought a complete set of logo pins for the MLB teams a while ago, so I don't collect pins for baseball teams from the stadiums.  For the other sports (NHL/ NFL/ NBA), I buy pins and I place them on a laminated US map that I have attached to a cork bulletin board, next to each city I have visited. This way I can see which cities I have been to and which ones I need to go to.

My ballpark collectibles have been the ticket stub and scorecard. I'll also buy a mini bat for my youngest son and a ball cap for my oldest son.

We have always collected the ticket stubs and since most now come as paper unless you are a season ticket holder we will ask or look for the season ticket version just so we have a hard copy of the stub.  We have created a scrap book with pictures and ticket stubs from most of the stadiums.  My oldest son always gets a t-shirt and my youngest a hat from every stadium.  My youngest displays all of his hats around his room, it looks pretty cool. 

Good point on the ticket stubs. I'll actually printout two copies- the full page version for the game and a 50% size for my book. I like your idea better :-)

I try and get an official ball from the park. I have been real lucky so far and have managed to get most of my collection from batting practice before the game. If I cant get one from practice myself, I will try and buy a practice ball from somone who caught more than one ball. If that doestn work then I have to settle with buying a ball from the team shop. I prefer a ball with some dirt and grass stains!! I have to get my pics too.


I collect the little plastic ice cream helmets. Not all of them are used for ice cream, but most are. I've been to 17 parks and have found one in every park except AT&T.

New member here. I really like this site.

This is a good question. When I visit a new ballpark, I keep my ticket stub and have them all in a book together. I also have to get a program. The biggest thing I have to have is a postcard with the ballpark on it and that goes into the book with my ticket stubs. When I get home, I also print out the box score from the game. I have a binder with every box score from every MLB game I've ever been to.



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