We will be heading out to Busch and Kauffman Stadiums this summer to see some Cardinals and Royals games.  Does anyone have any advice on other baseball themed activities or restaurants in those cities to take in the full baseball experience?  While in KC, can anyone recommend the best places to get some good BBQ food?

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This will be a great trip, Eric! Our Chaser Guides are a good way to start. Here is the link. Also, you can use the search tool for others that have posted similar questions. LC's is a must for BBQ in Kansas City. Have fun and let us know how your trip went. 

Here's a comment I posted in February in response to a similar question:

While in K.C., try to visit the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum on 18th Street. It is a wonderful place and really opened up my eyes about the Negro Leagues. Trust me, you'll be glad you went. The American Jazz Museum is next door if you are a jazz fan. Either or both of the museums makes for a nice afternoon, and there are plenty of restaurants in the area as well.

There is the Kansas City T-Bones independent minor league baseball (Northern League) outside of KC and there are several independent minor league teams around the St. Louis area including the Gateway Grizzlies and the River City Rascals (Frontier League).  The Gateway Grizzlies was featured on Man vs Food for their bacon cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme donut.  A little further from St. Louis is the Southern Illinois Miners in Marion IL.  I agree with Michael, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is worth the visit, but they do not allow cameras inside.

In KC, I absolutely second (third?) the Negro Leagues Museum. It is fantastic and well worth your time. For BBQ, Arthur Bryant's is one of the top places. I have not been, though my visit to Danny Edwards BBQ was a delicious one.


In St. Louis there is a pretty extensive Cardinals Hall of Fame near the ballpark.

I don't have any advice but I'll be going to them on June 21 and 22. So I'll take any advice.

In St. Louis, good deals on parking can be found along Pine Street, with at least two garages that are only 5 dollars on game days.  Ballpark Village is the new development along Clark Street across from the stadium that just opened this season and is worth visiting.  In particular, check out the new Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum located on the second floor of the Cardinals Nation building.  Joe Buck and Mike Shannon both have baseball themed restaurants within a few blocks of the ballpark.  Joe Buck's is more of a bar and grill, while Shannon's is a higher end, upscale place.

I'm in the process of planning my trip out there in September. Besides the games, I plan on visiting Arthur Bryant's and Gates BBQ, the Negro League Museum and World War 1 Museum in KC, and Amighetti's, Pappy's Smokehouse, Ted Drewe's Custard, the Gateway Arch tour, and Anheuser Busch / Bud tour in STL.

I'm still looking for one or two more things to do during my stay, but there are a few car museums that look pretty cool. In addition, I've heard some restaurants in/on "The Hill" are worth checking out.

Thanks for the parking tips Michael Hertz, I'll be sure to look out for the areas you mentioned.

You chosen some great spots in St. Louis, Bill.  Ted Drewe's is a St. Louis institution.  If you're in a time crunch, it is now sold outside the ballpark at Ballpark Village, but for the true experience go to the location on Chippewa (Old Route 66).  Get to Pappy's early, as they make everything that day and once it's gone it's gone.  There are dozens of quality Italian restaurants on The Hill, and it's difficult to go wrong there.  A great lunch spot in that part of town is Gioia's Deli, whose signature is the hot salami sandwich -- must try to appreciate.  Good dinner options on The Hill include LoRusso's Cucina, Zia's, Favazza's, and Cunetto's.

Forest Park is also a neat part of town, with lots of free attractions including the St. Louis Zoo, Missouri History Museum, St. Louis Art Museum, and St. Louis Science Center.

A/B tour is definitely worth doing, but if you want to try some good beer (and good food) from a locally owned brewery, check out either the Schlafly Tap Room downtown or the Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood.

Enjoy your time in St. Louis.

If you go to Pappy's Smokehouse, get there early, and be prepared to wait. When I went, I waited in line for over an hour just to get up to the counter to order. It was worth it though. Two years later, I still salivate over those ribs I ate.

STL is famous for Toasted Ravioli. I tried it at a few different places, and my favorite was from Caleco's, across the street from the courthouse.

If you can get to The Hill, Cunnetto is a great Italian restaurant. The toasted ravioli is also really good there. Also at The Hill, you can find the homes that Joe Garagiola, Jack Buck,and Yogi Berra lived in.

Check out the view of Busch Stadium from the 360 Rooftop Bar during the day. Before you go up, just make sure there's no cover charge. When I was there two years ago, they charged a cover at certain times of the day.

The Delmar Loop is a place you can kill a couple hours. There, you'll find Chuck Berry's restaurant, the STL Walk of Fame, where Yogi Berra, Jack Buck, Ozzie Smith, Dizzy Dean, Harry Cary, and some other baseball players have there own stars. You can also check out the Chuck Berry statue, and Fitz's restaurant and root beer factory. Depending on the hour, you can watch root beer bottles being packaged by the machines from your table, through a glass wall. Don't leave without trying a root beer float. There's also a zoo nearby that has free admission.

If you're looking for some night life, hit Laclede's Landing, by the Edwards Jones Dome. There's a bunch of bars there.

I can't give any more advice than has already been given, but I can say that these are two of the best ballparks I've visited.  St. Louis has the best fans in baseball and Kaufman Stadium, has a great "midwestern" ballpark feel when the sun is setting.  Have a great trip!

I went to Minneapolis, Kansas City, and St. Louis this weekend. Will be blogging about it at http://all30stadiums.blogspot.com



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