Baltimore, Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland,Cincinnati Road Trip

Hi all,

I wanted to check in and see if you had any advice about stadiums, parking, food, etc. The games I am going to are listed below:

St. Louis @ Baltimore August 9
NY Mets @ Philadelphia August 10
Detroit @ Pittsburgh August 11
Arizona @ Cleveland August 12
Boston @ Cincinnati August 13

I have not been to any of these stadiums, so any advice you could give would be helpful!

Thank you,


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That looks like a great trip you have planned, Cameron! Have you had the chance to look through our Chaser Guides yet? It's a good place to start. Safe travels and keep us updated...

Cincinnati---if you're wanting to try the famous cheese coneys, get them at the restaurant before the game. You can get a meal for $4 at their restaurants but if you buy them inside the stadium it's $3 per coney, or $12 a meal. Crazy!! (Gold Star Chili or Skyline if you wanted to find the restaurants.)

Also you can take your own food into the ballpark and drinks in plastic bottles, ie Gatorade, water, juice. So you could stop by the restaurant and pick up a 10 pack of coneys and bring them in and still enjoy them at the ballpark just at a fraction of the cost. Or a pizza or mcdonalds. Anything is ok to bring in.

There is a $1 concession stand on the 500 level, hot dogs, drinks, popcorn.

Parking next to the stadium is usually $12 or you can park in Covington,KY and walk the bridge which is 1 mile for $2.

If you have time to hit up a bar, in Newport Kentucky they have the Hofbrauhaus. It's german food, big beers, and dancing on the benches/seats. It's a great time!!! Or if you have kids you can still go there to eat and sit on the family side and still get great food/beer. I love the pretzels with beer cheese!

The Hall of Fame is cool. If you show your ticket to that days game it's usually half price to get in. And this year they have started giving bobbleheads out too! Not sure who is the August bobblehead, but if you are interested you could check out their website or email them. I've emailed before to see who the bobblehead was and they responded the same day. If you have any other specific questions let me know. It's my home town park.

Thank you guys for the help. I've heard great things about each stadium. I took a look at the Chaser Guides and they helped out quite a bit. Sounds like I really need to try a coney in Cincinnati. I will let you know how the trip goes.


There are plenty of places to park around Citizen's Bank Park. Although I think Philly has some of the best stadium food in the majors (Bulls BBQ, Chickie's & Pete's, Tony Luke's cheesesteaks, Harry the K's restaurant, grilled hot dogs, etc) it can get expensive. But, you can bring your own food into the stadium here as well. If you are only going for a game you have to eat at Tony Luke's, they have the best cheesesteak in Philly.

That's good to know. I was going to ask someone who has the best cheesesteak. I'll have to try it out.

In Baltimore, Lot F is a short walk from the stadium and is $8.00 on game day. That game is a promotional day so there may be lines waiting to get in. The gates on Eutaw St. open 2 hours before the game. I like to eat at Dempsey's in the warehouse. Boog's barbeque on Eutaw St. is also great. I will probably be at this game since it is on our season ticket plan. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Baltimore - There's a light rail station right outside the ballpark. So if you want to save money you can park along the route and take the train to the game. The Inner Harbor is nearby. I didn't like the food at the stadium, but there is a kids' areas that my nephews loved. And they have Flying Dog on tap. Whatever you do, stay through the 7th inning stretch. Nothing like singing "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" with Orioles fans.

Philadelphia - The subway takes you right to the stadium complex. So you can park anywhere along Broad street and catch the subway. I usually park near Spring Garden. I think the meters stop at 6. While I certainly wouldn't discourage a Chickie's and Pete's steak or Bull's BBQ, Xfinity Live across the street is fun. Try to sit in the infield seats. They have a great view of the city's skyline and you can see the bell when the Phillies hit a home run.

Cleveland - I lucked out here. I went on Labor Day and parked at a meter that was free due to the holiday a half a block from the ballpark. If you get there early, street parking is plentiful. Try Sliders & Mac for food and they do have local microbrews.

Thanks for the information. I didn't know that people in Baltimore considered themselves to be from the country?

They don't. Here's the story:

Pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Love all 5 of those ballparks.

Been to all of them if you have any questions.

Going to PNC Tonight? Awesome ballpark. Get there early - gates open at 5:30 pm. Batting practice home run ball heaven in Left Field (short fence). try to park downtown, and walk over the Clemente Bridge to get the full experience. Expect lines during the game for food, so maybe eat before the game too. Pirates legend Manny Sanguillen has a BBQ joint in the left center concourse....he usually shows up during the game too. Beers of the Burgh in section 105...Primanti Bros and Quaker Steak at section 110.



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