Baltimore, Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland,Cincinnati Road Trip

Hi all,

I wanted to check in and see if you had any advice about stadiums, parking, food, etc. The games I am going to are listed below:

St. Louis @ Baltimore August 9
NY Mets @ Philadelphia August 10
Detroit @ Pittsburgh August 11
Arizona @ Cleveland August 12
Boston @ Cincinnati August 13

I have not been to any of these stadiums, so any advice you could give would be helpful!

Thank you,


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Cleveland: Be prepared for lots of construction going on downtown. This ballpark is mediocre, but still things to see. If you want to have a beer and decent food before the game, check out the Terrace Club. Open to the public. Glassed in restaurant that overlooks left field. Also be sure to see the Indians Hall of Fame area in center field - Just unveiled a big Jim Thome Statue. Should be plenty of seats available if you don't have tickets yet.

Just wanted to give a summary of the trip. We ended up skipping Cleveland because of rain. We had a great time and I enjoyed all of the parks. If I were to rank them, from my favorite to least favorite, I would say Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia.

By the way, this happened at the Baltimore game.

I caught Nelson Cruz's 30th home run!

Congratulations on the home run ball. Looking at the video "caught" looks like a stretch. I like the hat.



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