Baseball Road Trip 2016 - Stadium Seating and Other Suggestions

My Dad and I will be on the road again this summer (early August). Was hoping to get suggestions of best seats at stadiums (price is not a huge issue), places to stay, places to eat, and anything else you want to suggest about our destinations on the trip. We actually will be hitting up a few minor league parks along the way as well.

#1 - Cincinnati (we will only be watching a game in Cincy and will travel to Louisville after the game)
#2 - Louisville (we are planning to go to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum and catch a Louisville Bats game)
#3 - Memphis (we will watch Memphis Red Birds game)
#4 - St. Louis
#5 - Kansas City
#6 - Des Moines, IA (we will catch a Iowa Cubs game)
#7 - Minnesota
#8 - Currently trying to convince my Dad for a quick stop in Chicago on to catch a Cubs game even though we did that during last year's trip.

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Places to eat-
Cincy- Montgomery Inn is a local classic about 3/4 of a mile from Great American Ballpark along the river. Graeter's ice cream is a local favorite treat.
Kansas City- Jack Stack BBQ downtown- Nowhere near the Kaufman, but a classic
Minneapolis- A friend of mine highly recommends Hell's Kitchen, and it's not far from Target Field.

On a seating note. . . Outfield seats are not for everyone, but my family sure enjoyed sitting in the rows between the fountains and the fence at Kaufman on a HOT summer day. It's a unique experience, although the scoreboard would be back over your left shoulder and straight up.

I generally sit between the bases. If the first level is too expensive I choose to sit in the 2nd or even 3rd level but still above a base or home is the best in my opinion. It's a great view of the ballpark and the scoreboard.
I love home run seats, but without the scoreboard my kids lose interest. Plus most stadiums play games or have the kiss cam and that's all just an added bonus.
However, if you like beer you may want to consider all inclusive tickets....I know Cincinnati and St Louis both have great options available for all you can drink and eat seats. And those too are my favorite if I have a hotel within walking distance.
I've also sat by the fountains in KC and it was a party. I loved it. Highly recommend.
1. Montgomery Inn is good bbq, a little pricey.
1. Haufbrauhaus in Newport Kentucky is great German food, atmosphere.
2. Troll under the bridge
5. I agree with Jack Stack's. It was delicious, again a little pricey.

August is St Louis, get seats in the Redbird Club. They have shaded seats and an air condition section in the back to eat and get drinks. Full buffet and bar area not included in the ticket price. Pre game drinks at Mike Shannon's or Cardinals Nation, both on the north side of the stadium. Eating in St Louis - Sugarfire BBQ or Pappy's BBQ. Blues music after the game, Broadway Oyster Bar. Gateway Grizzles (Frontier League) play right across the river in Illinois. River City Rascals play on the west side of town. Both play in the Frontier League

What a fun trip David. I have found the chaser guides on this site helpful for MLB ballparks. I wish they would have them for the minors too. I try to sit behind home plate in the upper deck when going to a ballpark. Its the best view of the entire ballpark in my opinion.

Cincy:  We went there 8 years ago.  Purchased upper level seats but never sat in them.  There were so many open seats along third base line in lower level by the merchandise shop we just sat there the whole game.  I don't normally like to seat hop, but we did it this time.  We went to Skyline Chile after the game and absolutely loved it.  It may be an acquired taste.  You can get Skyline at the game, but only chili dogs.  I wanted to try it over spaghetti.

KC:  Very friendly atmosphere.  We went to Arthur Bryant's before the game.  Very old school and basic.  Again, maybe an acquired taste.  I enjoyed the sauce but it was grainy.  If you love meat, this will satisfy you.



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