Greetings Chasers--

I have started a book full of tips and hints to help people get the most value out of going to a game. Hopefully I'll be able to get it published thrity years from now when I get it finished...but in the meantime, I started a blog on MLBlogs. I will update it frequently with things I find in my searches.

Check it out if you have a moment, hopefully you'll find it entertaining. And if you have anything to pass on (Meg M. has been enormously helpful), that'd be great.

Thanks, hope you all are well.

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Good stuff Kurt- I look forward to reading your blogs! Feel free to copy and paste your blogs on here and I will do my best to feature your stuff on the home page. Hopefully this will provide you with more exposure. Bummer about the Nats Express...where did you read that?
Thanks Craig! I was looking at the Nationals website when I saw the news. I was really bummed out too. I'm going for the first time on Apr 17 and now I need a new plan!

I will figure out how to get the blog on here...may need your help but thanks again, really appreciate it.



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