Hey guys I'm looking into Boston tickets for my road trip to see all 3o this year! Any suggestions for where to sit for the best price? I know everything is quite pricey there

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Depends on your budget, but for the value you might find some decent seats towards the OF sections.
I agree it depends on your budget. Right field box tickets are good and only about $50. There's alot of tickets available on the Red Sox website.

I recommend trying to get tickets in RF Box 97 if you can. I have been participating in a weekend season ticket plan since 1987. My seats are in row PP. They are seats 12&13 which are the far end of the row closest to home plate. This is right near "canvas alley" so there is actually a drop between you and the seats directly to your left so you sit higher up and they can't block your view. Best bang for your buck, the seats to your left begin the Loge Box section (98) and a price of $95.00 compared to the face value of $52.00 for seats with the better view.
Good luck. Go Red Sox!!

What is your budget? Watch the RF Field Box suggestion. I wouldnt go that much further past the Foul pole. I don't mind the bleachers provided you can get the first few rows of any of the sections. Grandstands are not too bad, assuming you don't get obstructed view. Use www.preciseseating.com to check the view from the seats.

I'm not a Boston native, but I was working in the city last summer and saw two games from the Rightfield Grandstand section. One time we had obstructed view, but if you can avoid that, then you're in great shape. I think they ran in the low $40s on Stubhub.

I often read Red Sox tickets are pricey but personally, I don't see it... I often just go to Stubhub a few days before the game and never have any issue getting a ticket.. Go for the right side roof deck.. often no more than $40 per ticket.. Parking is what kills you.. Within a block or two of the park figure on $35 to 40... There is a garage nearby (Best Buy) that is about $18 I think.. not a bad walk at all.

Reply Revised: Parking in the Best Buy garage is no longer $18 this season.. it went up to $40!!!!!  Apparently I wasn't the only one who found it to be a bargain last season...  It's getting to the point where parking is becoming as much as a ticket!



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