My mom and I are heading to Boston this summer and I would like some suggestions about other things to do for the week. We are going to Fenway, of course, and the Freedom Trail tour. That's about all we have planned so far. We want to take a day trip to Cooperstown but it is pretty far. Any suggestions/advice us greatly appreciated.


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What other suggestions for the Boston area? Also, next summer Mom and I want to head west. Is it possible to visit all of the California parks in 10 days?

Faneuil Hall has a great mix of counter foods.. grab a bite and take it outside and enjoy the street shows.  The aquarium which is very close to Faneuil Hall.. Next door to the aquarium try a ride on the Codzilla.. very fun!  Walk from Faneuil Hall/Aquarium area to The North End for great Italian food (5 minutes away)..  While in the North End, be sure to hit both Mikes Pastry and Modern Pastry, both on Hanover Street.  Spend $1.50.. ok, maybe up to $2 bucks now and take a classic swan boat ride in Boston Common,, Lots to do in and around Boston..Take a stroll down Nubury street for some high end shopping. One final note.. there is no parking in Haaaaarvard Yaraaaaad.

Bridget, being able to see all the California teams in 10 days is very doable.  I think this year there are 12 different options to be able to make it happen.  Currently I live in San Diego, it takes me about an hour and a half to get to Anaheim and between between an hour and a half and two hours to get to Dodger Stadium.  If you are driving, it takes me between 8 and 12 hours to get to San Francisco (all dependent on LA and San Jose traffic).  There's a great website to help you plan your trip,  I can't really give you much advice about LA, but if you need any information on San Diego or San Francisco/Oakland just let me know.

Thank you so much!
I too would recommend an overnight at Cooperstown. 1 day wasn't enough for me with the hall of fame and all the cool shops. In Boston so much to do. The freedom trail is great. Old ironside is cool to. Lots of great restaraunts and shopping not far from Fenway to. Try to make sure to get a ballpark tour as well



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