My mom and I are heading to Boston this summer and I would like some suggestions about other things to do for the week. We are going to Fenway, of course, and the Freedom Trail tour. That's about all we have planned so far. We want to take a day trip to Cooperstown but it is pretty far. Any suggestions/advice us greatly appreciated.


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Bridget, there is no public transportation or tours between Boston and Cooperstown. The easiest way would be to drive from Boston. Its not that bad of a drive. But I would not advise doing it as a day trip. I would plan an overnight as its around a 5 hour drive each way so it would be a very long day.

I would have to agree with that, though it's absolutely worth the trip to Cooperstown for an overnight. Closer to and in Boston, there's strolling the Common, shopping on Newbury St., Fanueil Hall, checking out Harvard campus and Harvard Square in Cambridge, the science museum, Museum of Fine Arts. Also check out the North End for a great Italian meal, followed by the great Mike's Pastries!

I agree that its a worthwhile trip but too long as a day trip!

Thanks guys- here is our updated plan: rent a car in Boston and drive to Cooperstown super early. Be there when they open, then hang out around town for awhile. Drive back to Boston. Three days later on July 2, take the MegaBus to Yankees game at 1, then come back after the game. We already booked the hotel for the week in Boston. We are learning through our mistakes..... Next trip we will not book the same hotel all week!

That will work but its not ideal. Make sure you have a GPS for Boston to Cooperstown. My GPS helped save a lot of driving from my house in CT to Cooperstown by getting me off the highway sooner than you would from a map. I could not even begin to figure out the route we took. But I would plan for 4-4.5 hours each way for Cooperstown.

Where does Mega-Bus drop you off in NYC? If its Penn Station, you need to account for transit to the Bronx from there (around 40 minutes or so I believe). Another alternative would be to get another rental car and just drive to New Haven, CT and take Metro North from there straight to Yankee Stadium (trains only stop at YS from 2 hours before the game until the game starts). Just watch what time you will be getting to NYC and then again when you would be getting back to the bus. I think you would be better off with the car as you would be on your own schedule but it is more costly.

The other option would be to take Amtrak to New Haven or Stamford from Boston then transfer to Metro North to Yankee Stadium. But again, watch the schedule. Metro North can be bought that day at the station but buy Amtrak ahead of time.

Oh wow! Yes... It may be cheaper just to get another hotel room! Lol! We are going to be exhausted! Thank you so much!!

It will be worth the exhaustion! If you do take Metro North from New Haven, be aware there is very little parking. The West Haven train station (next stop) is not far away and has plenty of parking, though I'm not sure the trains that go to Yankee Stadium stop there on the way...

Eric, the New Haven station has the most parking out of any of them as it has a big parking garage and a big lot across the street with it being an actual train station. There is no such place as West Haven...The next stop is Milford with ample parking. Regardless, I believe you have to transfer in Stamford to get to Yankee Stadium. Now that I am thinking that to the OP, I would take Amtrak straight to Stamford then transfer to Metro North.

Tim, sorry just saw this. West Haven is the town next to New Haven and now has a train station there, between New Haven and Milford.

Shows you how long its been since I took Metro North from New Haven.  I always park in Milford...




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