Going to catch a game in early August at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Looking into getting seats in the Redbird Club. The obvious choice is always the front row, but also considering the drink rail. Has anyone ever sat in these seats? Are they comfortable? What type of seat (stool?) do you have with these seats?


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I'd recommend the drink rail seats. They are covered from the afternoon or evening sun, depending on the game time. This will be excellent in August. You can also stretch the legs a bit and stand since they are behind the actual section of seats. The chairs (light metal) and rail look similar to these in Leftfield Landing. https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8842/17953465319_bc1bbf2a2d_b.jpg

Hey! I got the drink rail seats for the game next Wednesday. I had 10 people, so this was it - but ok with a bit more flexibility and the club. My question is - I am in section 250 DR - I am curious if these seats are "folding chair" type seating on an open floor with cup holders OR if they are more like the picture link you attached (higher seats with a true rail) - like Leftfield Landing. Just curious - thanks!

Hi Matt.  The drink rail seats are similar to what is in the picture.  The chairs are metal bar height chairs and their is a table/shelf that runs along the back of the railing that provides a flat surface for drinks/food.  I would say that it is about 1.5 feet in width.

Hey David - thank you for your reply. It is really hard to find any images of these seats - I will make sure to post. Take care,



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