I'm in the market for a new TV, and I'm looking at the Smart TV options out there.  They allow me to connect directly to my home wireless internet and stream things like Netflix and even my MLB.tv subscription-  sounds perfect, since I'm currently out of market for my favorite team.  

Anyone currently using the MLB.tv app to watch games via a Smart TV?  Any advice before I make my purchase?Does it work as advertised?  

Thanks!!  Katie

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I don't have the TV subscription, but do have the Gameday Audio only, and that works great when I access it. I've used it on my friend's AppleTV and another friend's xBox Live connection.

I'm pretty sure that MLB.tv has a demo feed of a pre-recorded game, maybe you can try and use a floor model at a store and try and access it that way.

Another friend of mine accesses it via his KindleFire and says it works awesome and that he loves it, but I've not seen it in action, so I can't attest to it.

Hey Katie- you find a TV yet? I am in the market for one towards the end of the year, so I am curious as well. 

I would skip the smart tv and purchase appletv for $99 instead.  It's dead simple to use and has netflix, mlb.tv, etc.

Also, you will not be disappointed in mlb.tv.  It's great on my iPad, appletv, and computer.  I've been watching the Tigers so often it reminds me of my childhood!  I really cannot say enough good things about mlb.tv!

MLB.TV is awesome... The only thing bad are the blackout restrictions. I live in Louisville, KY, so for some reason I am blacked out of all Reds games (but being a Cubs fan, it's not terrible). The other blackouts happen for ESPN games AND every Saturday afternoon game (Fox owns the rights to these and might not show the game you want to watch in your area).

I stream on my computers (one hooked up straight to my TV), PS3, iPad, and iPhone and have few problems. I don't have experience with the smart TVs, but if you have any issues, I would suggest picking up a Roku player... They're cheaper than a lot of the other similar items...
Hey everyone- thanks for the comments and the interest in this. I ended up heading to Best Buy and telling the guys my requirements... Greater than 50" LED TV with the ability to watch the MLB.TV app. However, this search has been a serious disappointment. 

To begin, the guys at Best Buy showed me a bunch of options and ended up selling me the Sharp Aquos LC-52LE640U. I purchased that one and had it delivered to my house. After getting it setup, I realized that there is no MLB.TV app available for this TV... Annoying. I went back to the store, and they scheduled a new tv delivery in exchange for returning the Sharp. 

The 2nd TV they had me buy was the LG 55LS5700. From the Best Buy store, the guys went to the MLB website, and showed me that LG was a supported manufacturer. This TV arrived, and it did have the MLB.TV app. When I launched this app, I got a LG screen indicating that this app was "coming soon". Super annoying.  After these two tries, I gave up- it's irritating to spend multiple Saturdays at home waiting for the TV delivery guys to arrive for install and setup. I'm just keeping the LG and hoping that this LG TV offers support for the app next season. 

I used the MLB.TV app from my iPad last season, so I was looking forward to using it on both my iPad during travel as well as at home on my TV. Unfortunately, since I didn't find a suitable TV, I just purchased the FIOS MLB package to watch all of the games at home. This package is twice the cost of the MLB.TV package, so it's a little bit of a waste, but I do like the fact that I can watch the games from any TV in my house. 

Thanks for the suggestions to buy Roku or Apple TV. I think that is probably a better idea as suggested. I'll definitely check into this before the season next year. I would recommend looking into those options for anyone else that is looking to watch games via MLB.TV. If I were to start all over again, that's what I would have done.

Happy watching! Katie

Hi, I'm in the same situation one season later! I see that Samsung flat panel smart TVs do come with an app for MLB.tv now. I was wondering if the LGs ever supplied an app for watching? If so, how does it work? I plan to buy a smart flat panel TV for my family room pretty soon - before the 2013 season gets underway.

I have listened to baseball games on Game Day Audio for about 10 - 11 years now. I have an older laptop pretty much dedicated to that one task. The laptop is connected to my stereo via a cable from the headphones jack. It has worked fine but I really want to start watching the games on MLB.tv.

Hi Tom,

Glad that I'm not the only person who takes baseball into consideration when purchasing electronics/appliances for the house ;)

I'm still enjoying my LG TV. There is now support for the MLB.tv app, so I'm looking forward to subscribing via this method this year. It appeared mid-season last year, so I didn't have the chance to test it out. From what I can tell, you can just sync it to your account using an activation code after visiting the mlb.tv/lg website.

Since last year, I've also purchased the Apple TV. I'm hoping that my single MLB.tv account will allow me to access from the living room (LG SmartTV), as well as my bedroom (via Apple TV), and my iPhone/iPad app. It seems reasonable that this would work, as I haven't read anything about not being able to access from multiple devices (as long as it isn't simultaneously). I'll report back if I have any issues once the season begins.

On another note- I've actually been surprised that they haven't released MLB.tv pricing or details yet this year (at least not that I've seen). In the past, I recall considering this as a gift for my dad for his January birthday, so it seems like the announcement is a little delayed this year.


Thanks Katie,
I was just poking around over at MLB.com trying to see how to cancel my Gameday Audio subscription. I ran across a page where it asked if I wanted to upgrade to MLB.tv rather than cancel the audio subscription. It said, "You will be billed $19.99 per month with monthly billing for each month of the 2013 MLB season through and including October. When you upgrade, you will not be billed for your 2013 MLB.com Gameday Audio automatic renewal".

So looks like $19.99/month for 2013 season. How does that compare with prior seasons?


Sounds like it's the same price. $19.99/mo or $109.99/yr for the basic in 2012. Premium was $24.99/mo or $124.99/yr. The premium offers some extra features like DVR and choosing which broadcasters you want to see (home vs away), but I've previously opted for the basic. It seems to give me everything I need.

It looks like MLB.tv just released a May deal for the premium package. Full season for $114.99 (saves $15). Too bad I've already subscribed. Hopefully somebody else can take advantage of this deal.

New this year I think- free pizza if you're a MLB.tv subscriber and there's a no hitter (visit mlb.com/dominono after the no hitter to get your coupon!).

Not a huge fan of Domino's, but who can turn down a free pizza! Thanks for letting us know!

You'll have no problem with signing into multiple devices. I've actually had my PS3, ipad, and iphone all running it at the same time with no problem, other than the ancient Blackout Restrictions.



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