In two weeks my son and Chris is heading out to visit every MLB park.  I have already bought tickets to Cubs, Angles, Yankees, Twins, White Sox, Tigers, Brewers, padres (not really sure why I pre bought these tickets), and Red Sox.  Is there anymore teams I need to pre buy tickets for.   I was wondering about the baltimore, miami, etc.  Thanks for yall help.

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In my opinion, it really matters who each team is playing and what day of the week the game is on. A Wednesday afternoon game between two non-rival teams may be easier to buy a ticket at the ballpark than a Friday night Rivalry game. Also, consider how well the road team's fans travel. Last year, the Marlins averaged something like 17,000 fans per game, but when the Cubs were there, attendance was in the mid-30,000s. You can also check the team's website. If there are tickets available on their site, they'll be available at the window, too. Some games sell-out, but StubHub will have tickets available (at a premium) Hope this helps...

just look at the schedules for all of the teams, and try and find some special deals. alot of teams have discounted tickets, you just have to check what days they are. if you looking for better seats, go on stubhub for steals, unless you are saving the actual ticket stubs. most teams i have come across will have some type of discount, except for the red sox and phillies. if you need help, just post your schedule and you can probably get more info on where to buy and potential discounts.

Thanks Bill for the great information

Thanks Tom I'll check and see who the other teams are playing

I'd try and plan ahead for the Rangers as well. They're selling tickets at an incredible rate these days, which absolutely blows my mind. So far on the season, they've got 16 sellouts and are behind only Philadelphia in overall attendance on the season.  The Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon games against Oakland two weeks ago were even sold out, and school was still in session then.

So to with the Astros in Houston. Thanks for the tip
Tom do you thinks Braves vs. Cubs will sell out July 2-5?
With it being a holiday weekend, it's possible... Fans can travel easier at that point. At the same time, 4th of July is a pretty good holiday to stay in Chicago for. I will say that this year may be different, as the Taste of Chicago has moved back a few weeks for some reason. Your guess is as good as mine, but honestly, my money would be on mid-40,000s. Capacity is 49,000 plus at Turner Field, so I'm sure there'll be a non-sellout at that time.



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