Can you count a ballpark as 'seen' if the game gets rained out?

My Dad and I are currently in Detroit and had tickets to the Tigers/White Sox game last night. We are in town from Houston and doing a 4 city tour this week. This morning we leave for Toronto to catch the afternoon Twins/Blue Jays game. We don't have any time this week to make it back to Detroit was we are headed to Cleveland from Toronto and then on to Pittsburgh.

We arrived to the stadium area early and took in the local bars, and got pics both outside and inside Comerica park. However, the game was cancelled before a pitch was thrown. I have my ticket and plenty of pics, but no game. Can I mark Comerica off my list of stadiums? My Dad says 'Yes', but I can't decide?

If not, I'll need to make speacial plans to get back to Detroit sometime in the next couple years....

Thoughts anyone??

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Well I made it back successfully to Comerica this season!  I went to the Tigers-Giants game on Sunday, July 3rd.  Great seats and great park!  I'm definitely glad I took the time to go back.  And btw....LOVE Lafayette Coney Island.  That's the only place I made sure to go back to from my trip there last season.
That is great to hear, Jeff! I bet you feel better about counting it now. :)
I was just there recently myself...missed Lafayette's! I may have to "not count" that!



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