How is the Coronavirus messing up your summer plans?  Was anyone planning on visiting their final ballpark this summer?  I have 8 left and planned to get to 4 of them this summer.  

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You bet!!  Was supposed to see the Twins(my hometown team)last week @ the Dodgers and Angels, and against San Diego in Sept.  Have been to every stadium, now seeing the Twins at every stadium.  Hopefully, if they follow the three division ten team plan, and fans will be allowed towards the end, it will allow me to see them in Atlanta.  One can only hope!

My son and I completed going to all of the ballparks a couple years ago so I'm glad we got them in before this Coronavirus situation.  We were going to try and get to Atlanta and see Truist Park which would be new for us since we saw the Braves play the final year at Turner Field.  Hope things open up so you can see a couple at least but it looks like no fans for a while even after a possible season start.



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