I made a mistake and bought upper level tickets for White Sox vs. Cubs game.  How bad is upper level?  Is there anyway to seat hop to lower level level?  Do you think Sox vs. Cubs will sell out so I can sell the ones I have and get box seats.  Thanks for your help.

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Roman when you go down to the lower levels what do they check to see if your a season ticket holder?


 Hi Scott, they check my actual ticket. All the season ticket holders have tickets

 with pictures on them. So they know right away that I'm a season ticket holder.

Hi Roman, thanks for the help. I have a question about parking. My plane lands in Chicago at 9:30 am. We was going to hang out in the city for a few before the game.  Whats the best thing to about parking?  The next day we be off to Detroit for the day game.


 Scott, I would use public transportation to get to and from the game. Parking is expensive if you plan on using the parking lots by US Cellular Field. Besides it can be headache to get in and out of there with a vehicle. Use the red line to get to and from downtown.

I agree with Roman, although it's easy to find street parking at the Cell if you get there early enough.

I was at the game on Saturday.  I took the train to the game.  We were on the Metra and got the weekend pass for $7.  Definitely worth it not having to worry about parking and traffic

I'm planning on taking the train down there too. The only time i have a car is a two day rental to go up to Milwaukee and back. I'm staying near the loop the last night I'm there so it might be a longer train ride but it's more convenient.

June 20th I think vs. Cubs

that's the game i am going to, we'll have to meet up and praise or complain about the seating haha

sounds great

I think $40 is a good price. I looked at upgrading and did not think it was worth it.  Most people Ive talked to says upper level is not that bad.

Scott I visited Cellular Field in 2008. I also bought tickets in the upper deck and did not know about the restriction to lower level. About the third inning I went to the customer serice booth os stand. I told them that I was visiting all the major league stadiums and how I would like a chance to see the entire stadium. They told me come back in the 6th or 7th inning. I did and they took me and my wife down to lower level so I could walk around and take in the Park. It worked for me I'm sure it will also work for you. Enjoy the game. Get ready for the 23.00 parking charge. That was the price in 2008.



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