I made a mistake and bought upper level tickets for White Sox vs. Cubs game.  How bad is upper level?  Is there anyway to seat hop to lower level level?  Do you think Sox vs. Cubs will sell out so I can sell the ones I have and get box seats.  Thanks for your help.

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that is a great idea! thanks for the tip


 Just one more tip and thing to consider. This past weekend it was very hot here in Chicago and most of the people in the lower level box seats were all the sun. They were getting up from their seats and looking for shade. The upper level behind home plate and first base were all in the shade after a few innings. It's a nice convenience to have when it's hot. You also have a great view right behind home plate of the entire ballpark.

Hi Bill, Thanks for your help and advice. Im renting a car for 7 days. We are heading to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Detroit after the White Sox's game. Are you renting your car from O'hare then driving it into the city and parking it for the day. Or do you plan to get your car later. I been told parking can be expensive in the city.

I'm flying out on the 15th (ORD) and picking up the car in the city the morning of the 18th. From there I will be driving to Milwaukee and dropping it back off at the rental place in Chicago on the 20th. Renting in the city is much cheaper, and I can get a shuttle from the airport or take the blue line into the city, depending on where I stay. I have reservations for a place by the airport, but I might try and get a 'Name Your Price' deal in the city on Priceline before I leave. I have a Budget gift card that I redeemed with my Chase Rewards points, so the car is only costing me $35 plus gas out-of-pocket. 


 I guess you have all the bases covered Bill.

Thanks Roman, I feel much better about my choice in tickets



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