I made a mistake and bought upper level tickets for White Sox vs. Cubs game.  How bad is upper level?  Is there anyway to seat hop to lower level level?  Do you think Sox vs. Cubs will sell out so I can sell the ones I have and get box seats.  Thanks for your help.

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I found US Cellular to be one of the strictest stadiums to try to move around in.  You have to show your ticket to move down to lower levels.  It will be close to a sellout given the 2 teams.


 The upper level seats are not bad at all if you sit behind home plate within the first 10 rows.

 I'm a season ticket holder and I sit right behind home plate in the upper level.

 You have a great view of the entire ballpark. Unless you are a season ticket holder you won't have access to walk around the lower level of the ballpark.

Thanks I feel alot better about the tickets. Thanks for your help.

I'm looking to go to the White Sox-Brewers game on 6/24.  As you guys mention, the 2 other times I've been there I had upper deck seats, so I haven't yet even seen the lower level in its entirety, so I'd like to sit in the lower level.  Can I reasonably expect ticket prices to jump down on Stubhub a significant amount as the date approaches?  I'm not paying $45 for an outfield seat, that is ridiculous.

With it being 2 teams that are in close proximity, I doubt they would drop significantly.  Probably a few dollars but not much more than that.


 I agree with Tim. I see close to a sell out crowd just like when the Tigers come to town.

Ok guys, thanks for your help.  My friend that I'm going with seemed to think that by June, the Sox would be 15 games out and the tickets would drop to like $4 and a sandwich...but I was never really on board with that theory.


 I think your friend might want to reconsider that prediction.

I don't disagree that they might be 10-15 out by the break, but I never once thought that the ticket prices would come down more than 20%.  Last time we were there we paid over $100 for Cubs-White Sox in upper deck.


 The White Sox just like many other teams use dynamic ticket prices. Ticket prices will be lower for games against teams that they don't expect decent crowds. For games against the Cubs you will pay. The reason the White Sox will not be that many games out of first place is because of solid pitching and defense.

I paid $40 for upper deck seats, and I too am thinking about reselling them for lower level seats. At the very least, I'll ask the box office if I can upgrade and pay the difference. Scott what is the date of the game you are going to?


 You can upgrade your seats if they are available for the Cubs series.

  I don't think the 500 upper level seats are that bad. As I mentioned before I have season

  tickets in the 500 level and as long as you are not in the last few rows or way down the

  outfield lines these are not bad seats.

  The series against the Cubs are considered premier games which means the ticket prices

  will be much higher than most games.



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