My daughter and I are heading to our first "road trip" for the ballpark round tripper. We are going in the later part of May to see the Cubs, White Sox, and Brewers. Any tips for a couple of rookies just called up from A ball?

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Welcome to the adventure. My top tips for each of these ballparks would be:

Wrigley- Try for a day game if you can. There's just more of the 'magic'.

US Cellular- Get seats in the lower level. The upper levels are more 'stadium' than 'ballpark', and you would have a much less pleasant experience.

Miller Park- Embrace the tailgating scene. Total strangers will offer you a sausage, a beverage, and a game of corn hole.

Let me know if there is anything specific you want to know, particularly about Milwaukee and Miller park.

Great suggestions! I have a choice of Cubs Friday (1:20) and Brewers Saturday (3:10), or Brewers Friday (7:10) and Cubs Saturday (1:20).
1) Is there enough to see in Milwaukie on a Friday? I am thinking the traffic leaving the Cubs game at 4:30 on a Friday to drive to Milwaukie will be bad. If that is true, probably best to go to see the night game Friday night at Miller stadium and the day game Saturday in Chi.
2) My daughter lists in order of priority seating behind the plate, infield foul lines, outfield seats, then outfield foul lines. Is there a spot you would suggest is better or not so good at Miller and Wrigley? Thanks for the info on the US Cellular seats!

You are right to guess that 4:30 traffic would be unmanageable. Unquestionably, there is more to do in Chicago than in Milwaukee, but Milwaukee can keep you busy for a day. Not knowing your interests, and those of your daughter it's hard to make the right recommendations. That being said both the Harley Davidson Museum and the Art Museum are good enough that I would take an out of town visitor there. HD is definitely about as 'Milwaukee' as it gets, excepting brewery tours (not my thing). The Lakefront is nice. We like to take our out of town friends to The Safe House for lunch. It's close to the Milwaukee river walk, where you'll find The Bronze Fonz statue. Also very 'Milwaukee'.

Wrigley field, you can't go wrong in the lower deck. I would consider the bleachers during a day game, just because it's Wrigley, and it's the bleachers. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

For seating at Miller Park, I like the first base side for evening games. Behind the plate, is definitely the best view. I'm not as fond of the 3rd base side.

Hello, not sure how traffic is in your home town, but the traffic in Chicago is horrendous. I went to a Cubs day game a couple of years back and it took us less than 20 minutes to get to Wrigley from the interstate and 2 hours to get back to it after the game. Once on the interstate, we were bumper to bumper and not moving at times. I thought there may be a accident, so I asked another driver if it was like this ever day and he said yes.

Some buddies and I are hitting Brewers, Cubs, Cardinals and Royals games this weekend/early next week. We decided to not stay in Milwaukee because it is so close to Chicago and we would rather have the whole day to spend in Chicago instead of having to drive in Sunday morning. We also got a hotel in downtown Chicago so we can park the car and then take the Red line to and from Wrigley Field. The train ride should be about 20 minutes, but if you stay at a cheaper hotel near the airport, it sounds as though it could take over an hour. When we get back I will let you know if our choices were good or bad.

Thanks, Dustin! I look forward to your comments.

Welcome to the chaser family! When we went to Wrigley, we arrived to the stadium 3 hours early just to take it all in. It's a really cool neighborhood to walk around. There isn't a whole lot to do in Milwaukee. The Miller beer tour was interesting and worth the trip. I would definitely try to spend a few hours in the Third Ward. It is a neat area downtown with the famous Milwaukee Public Market and a nice river walk.

Hope I could help!

Thanks, Cam! If we want to see bp at Wrigley, how early should we get to the neighborhood for a 1:20 game? Any suggestions on seats? I see where there are bleacher seats available on Saturday at Wrigley. It sounds like we could get to the area early enough for breakfast and go grab an early dinner after the game. Would you sit there? My daughter is 20.

Most stadiums open 1.5 hours or 2 hours early for BP. At Wrigley, I would show up at least an hour before that, especially if it's your first time there. We sat along the first base side our first time there, but I don't really have any suggestions about seats. Anywhere will be great.

Are you saying to get there an hour before that to walk around the neighborhood, or to go inside because they open the gates earlier?

Sorry for so many questions. First trip and I want to get it right as much as possible. Thanks!

Get there early to walk around the neighborhood at Wrigley. The gates will never open more than 2 hours before first pitch. You can check on the Cubs' website what time the gates will open.

We just made the trip out to Chicago from California for these 3 specific parks. We took the metro into Chicago to the 2 Chicago ballparks. Trying to find parking was not an option as we tried to do that one day just to walk around and take in the sights. Parking and traffic is NUTS in Chicago so if you can do that definitely consider. The drive from Chicago to Milkwaukee was a few hours but very relaxing - warning you will come across tolls (something we don't have in California) so be prepared). All three parks are very nice. Tickets were all fairly priced (Cubs not so much) but I recommend field level seats if you can afford them at all three parks. We love to people watch and def take in the sights around the Cubs stadium. Souvenirs are pricey though, best to buy at the shops outside of Wrigley :( Good luck and enjoy !

Thank you, Casa Rodriguez! A couple of questions:
1) Where did you stay in Chicago and Milwaukie? Trying to be moderate on accommodations.
2) Is there much to see in Milwaukie? Current schedule has us seeing white sox on Wednesday, goof around day in Chicago on Thur, drive to Milw Friday AM, game Friday night, and then drive back to Chicago for Cubs game on Sat. Fly back to OC Sunday.
3) Was their anything you did on the trip that you thought was really great or not worth the time?
4) Would you sit in the bleachers at Wrigley to watch the game? My daughter is 20.
I really appreciate your feedback.



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