I couldn't resist cramming in one more ballpark re-visit this year so also heading to Comerica in September for a couple of games. Anyone have advice re: best areas to sit, any nearby bars worth hitting, etc. All I've got is my flight and hotel! Thanks.

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McShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey Bar, next door to the old Tiger Stadium site.

Recommend lower bowl if you can. Upper is quite a ways a Comerica. As for bars, a couple of cool options, Nancy Whiskeys. You'll drive right by old Tiger Stadium and probably see a pickup game at the corner of Michigan and Trumble. Flagpole is still there and the Kurt Gibson lumbar yard. Nancy greets each newbie with a dram of the finest. Another option is Green Dot Stables. Green Dot has a great selection of unique sliders. Both are a short drive from the park but worth it.

Thank you both!

The Tigers are my favorite team - rough times right now! But, I go to 10 games or so a year and often sit in the left field pavilion seats, first few rows behind the home bullpen. If you do look at pavilion seats, avoid the ones with double-lettered rows (AA BB etc.) - those are far back and also very small seats. The terrace seats are good if you want to be in the shade and have more room. Lower deck along either foul line is good too. Really just depends how much you want to spend.

Slow's BBQ on Michigan Ave, close to the old Tiger Stadium, is great. Can be really tough to get into before games though so might be better to do it for lunch before a night game or dinner a couple hours after a day game.

Thank you!

I did think of one other thing that I meant to post - if you do go for the pavilion seats and it's a night game, make sure to bring shades, the sun will be right in your eyes for the first few innings.

Oh wow this is awesome. Thank you so much.

i personally like the club seats directly behind home pages. Very good view of the entire field, and good view of the strike zone.

For food, Slow's is a great choice. If eating in Greektown (less than a mile from stadium's center field entrance) New Parthenon is the most authentic experience. order the Saganaki. Cheli's isn't a very popular spot for a pre or post game beer.

Thanks Dave! I definitely plan on checking out Slow's and New Parthenon!

When are you going (or did you go this weekend)? As a Tigers fan, I am really hoping to see a totally new manager/coaching staff, and bullpen, next year. It has been a disaster of a season!

The 18th, so still good!

That should read Cheli's IS a very popular spot.

Also, for a hole in the wall experience after the game, go to Bucharest Grill, less than two blocks west of the stadium. Best shawarma around!



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