I've been thinking for a few years now how to commemorate all my visits to ballparks. I have 20 current ballparks visited (25 total). I have an idea of a picture frame or two with each league represented. In the frame for each stadium I will have a team mini pennant, ticket stub from my first game at that stadium and the picture from the upper deck behind home plate that I take at every ballpark I visit. I am thinking of putting each division in a row from left to right with 3 rows in each frame for each league. With the ballparks I haven't visited yet I will just have the mini pennant there with the stub and stadium pic empty as to motivate me to finish my journey. :-)

Has anyone thought of doing this or have done it? I would love some feedback and suggestions or other cool ideas. My goal is to commemorate all my ballparks in an easy to see/view picture frame or two.

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I went to all 30 major league ballparks in 2007. At each park, I took my picture behind home plate wearing the home team's jersey. I then took all 30 pictures and developed them and made them into a giant collage photo. Expensive, but it looks pretty cool.

This my third year of ballpark chasing, but after my first year I took the photos I had taken in the upper deck while on the ballpark tours did a sepia effect on some and a sepia/light green effect on some them in photoshop and had them printed on an 8x10 wrapped canvas (groupon or living social deal through canvas people) they look awesome. I haven't done the ones from last year yet because unfortunately the day I went to AT&T they were laying flooring on the field, Oakland didn't have a tour, so never went to the upper deck & Dodger tour didn't give us a great opportunity to get the photo op I was looking for - don't these people know I started something :-) - any way you choose should be great, just remember you spent the money to take the trip, spend a little more to showcase your memories in a way you'll treasure forever.



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