Hi everyone.  We are doing the following trip next week:

7/28: Nationals (vs Dodgers)

7/30: Phillies (vs Giants)

8/2: Orioles (vs Blue Jays)

Plan is to spend 7/28, 7/29 in DC; go to Phil 7/30 and spend 8/1 there; go to Balt mid day 8/2

Suggestions are appreciated for:

-recommended travel between DC and Phil, and Phil and Balt

     *would like to take the train if possible; I looked at the train schedule and surprised it is a night ride from DC to Phil---does that seem right???

-must see list for Phil (currently Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin Museum, Battle of Gettysburg) and Balt (the harbor)

Thanks much for your feedback and hope all of you are having great trips this year!

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