Do any of the hotels near the Dodgers stadium have a shuttle or easy to use public transportation?  

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Are you staying in central LA area or near the stadium?  If you're in central LA this is your best bet... I would not, under any circumstances, stay at any hotel near the stadium. Central LA near the Nokia center would be a better option.  

Kaelen and John

Are  the ballparks listed by Ballpark Chasers safe?  Especially the lower priced places.  I am not very familiar with LA and don't want to be in a dangerous area.

Larry Gordon

Let's just say there isn't much to see in Downtown LA or near Dodger Stadium. When are you planning on going?

Planning on being there for the Marlins series Aug 24-26th.  One hotel seems to be near Chinatown.  Looking for a decent, reasonable hotel with free parking and free wifi.  Maybe this is too much to ask for.  Any ideas, please let me know. 

Larry, personally if you're driving I wouldn't stay anywhere near downtown. I'd stay like in Santa Monica or Westwood. Other than that...I was never impressed.

The two times I visited Dodger Stadium, I stayed in Anaheim (did the Disney thing) and drove up.  If you time it right, the traffic is not that bad.  Are you driving or flying?

Ok, we were just there over July 4th.  We stayed at the Standard Downtown.  It was pricey and the front desk people had no idea how we could use public transportation to get there.  So, we decided to walk the 2.5 miles there with 2 little kids.  It was a bad idea!  You walk through some very sketchy parts of town to get there.  Once at the game the people next us told us about the Dodger bus.  It's free and runs to a main train/bus station.  So we took that and switched to a bus for $1.50 to get back to the hotel.  It wasn't too bad on the way back but i would never walk again! And getting out of Dodger stadium on a sold out day, 63,000 people, it was a nightmare!  We waited in line on the bus for probably 45 minutes, inching through the parking lot.  So prepare for long lines. 

I am new to the site, but really enjoy what everyone has to say. I fly in the military, so I have a  opportunity to visit a lot of stadiums, and watch a lot of baseball. My friends and I take a man trip every year to California and watch baseball for a week (no women). We go to Dodger Stadium the whole time we are there. We stay in Anaheim at the Doubletree. The drive is about 35 minutes to the game, and about 20 minutes after. If you go on Saturday or Sunday, plan on about one hour to an hour 30 minutes. We always park outside the stadium on the street. The parking lot is always a nightmare, but in my opinion, one of the best places to watch a game. Angel stadium is about a 5 minute drive from the Doubltree Hotel. Hope this helps.



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