OK everyone, anyone who has a favorite money-saving tip that they don't mind sharing, can you bust it out for your fellow Chasers? It doesn't need to be a secret thing, or a major league ballpark or anything, just talk about a place where you save on parking, or a food item that gives a lot of value, or a way to save on tickets that most people don't know about.


Full disclosure here though: if you share a tip, it may find its way into a future "Ballpark E-Guide" (see www.BallparkEGuides.com)! So if you don't want a lot of people to know it, I wouldn't share it.


I'm starting everyone off with three good ones:


- At Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, there is some free parking on South Lawrence St., about a half mile east of the ballpark. The side of the street with free parking is closest to the Bank; don't park on the other side of the street.


- At Citi Field in New York, the Southfield commuter lot where people park before taking the 7 to work in Manhattan is $19 on game days (well, it was in 2010), but the game rate doesn't kick in until 9:00 AM for day games and at noon for night games, if the policy is still what it was last time I checked. You will have to occupy yourself for a few hours; shouldn't be a problem in NYC.


- At Yankee Stadium, you can get the "possible obstructed view" seats for $5 as of this writing; they are the seats near the Mohegan Sun restaurant that block a portion of the outfield. In the first 4-5 rows though, it's not a problem at all, and if you know how the seating works you can best avoid the obstruction. Just $5 to get into Yankee Stadium!


There you go, that's three...I know all of you have some sort of a "tightwad tip" you wouldn't mind sharing...c'mon, pass it on!



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Hi Kurt,

As far as my experience goes, your tip is good for people who follow it exactly.

I parked along Packer Ave. There were signs that said no parking after 9, but I listened to my friends and followed the crowd. (I think my mom warned me about doing that...) I just wanted people to know that some of the people they see parking will end up with tickets. I've also heard about people getting towed from JFK park, but that's second hand information.
Ah...the old "if your friends jumped off the roof..."!

Thanks for sharing that...that is a good point, that if you see signs, believe them. I may say something about that in a blog post.

I contacted the Park (it's actually a golf club) and asked them about event parking, and they informed me that indeed people will be towed. I may place a small warning about that in the guide.

Thanks for sharing that, I'm sure people will learn from it!




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