I visited Chase Field for the World Baseball Classic last year... saw all 6 games involving USA, Canada, Mexico and Italy (this was an AMAZING experience).  

However, I did not see the Diamondbacks there. Does it count because I saw a game at the stadium, or does it not count because I did not see the home team play there?

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The website is BallPARK chasers. Me personally, I would count that trip to Chase. Heck; you saw 6 games there, that is more than lots of Arizonans who call themselves DBack fans.

Would the All Star Game at Target Field count as a visit?

Count It!

Absolutely! My Metrodome visit was Game 6 of the 1991 World Series.

I would count it. U spent time and money and were physically inside the stadium

I am new here, but I agree that I think it is up to the individual. For me, the stadiums only count if my team (Giants) are playing, otherwise, I would need to visit again.



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