When I couldn't sleep at 2am this morning I found this article on ESPN Mobile. Got me thinking, so I wanted to share it...



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It's a tough call with Edgar. I'd be surprised if anyone saw him getting in on the first ballot, although I hate the philosophy of "he's not a first ballot hof'er", I've always been an in or out kinda guy. It's hard to argue against a player with a position award named after him -- After all, the DH Award is the Edgar Martinez Award because of his contribution to the position. On one hand you could definitely say he dominated his position (I won't debate that the DH is a position, if your'e playing in the game, you have a position!). Where it's going to be difficult is looking at his longevity. Stats will say he was the best DH, but only for upwards of 7 years. Anytime you're talking short of 10 years, it's a tough call.

I think Edgar will be hurt by the era he played in. You look at stats that were locks for the hall, like 500 HR and 3,000 Hits, that aren't any more. McGwire certainly won't get in this year, if ever (I don't think he should anyway,) and there's no way that Palmiero gets in with barely 3,000 after the steroid issue. Edgar's stats will be compared to juicers -- that's not even touching the subject of whether Edgar was "clean" his entire career. (Which I won't debate here.)

I feel bad saying it. Edgar was one of the faces of the franchise. But I don't think he'll make it, and have always waffled on it. He has the average, the pedigree of two batting titles, "The Double" (emotional connection), but his power numbers come shy because he didn't get the majors until he was 27. I think that, mixed with the fact that he was a quiet leader, will keep him out on the writer's vote over the year. Now the Veteran's Commitee? I could see them voting him in because more of the old guard will be gone, and the newer HOF'ers will A) Vote easier and B) Know and respect him as a player because they were from a similar age.

But we will see on the 6th, won't we? I'd say Alomar is a definite though.



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