So last year I hit Fenway Park and this past weekend I went and saw the Cubs in Wrigley. I'm trying to judge only based on the stadiums themselves but my vote for best park (out of those two classics) is Fenway. I'm not sure if there was one thing I liked better at Wrigley over Fenway. I'm not trying to start a beef here and I grew up watching the Cubs so I'm a fan but I just want to hear what others think about the two if you've been to both.

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Went to Wrigley last year and I came away a little disappointed.  Nothing I can put my finger on.  I just think I built it up so much in my mind.  Looking forward to hitting Fenway next year.  Also plan to go back to Wrigley.  Didnt get to take the tour.

I felt the same way. And when I hit Milwaukee in a few years I will go back to Wrigley and take the tour as well. 

I personally prefer Wrigley Field over Fenway Park. They're both great old time ballparks. The big difference is the leg room & the concourse space. Wrigley also has seats in the upper level that everyone can access. The other day I went to Fenway Park. I've now seen 103 baseball games there. I've seen at least one there every year since 1986. Quite amazingly, I finally got to sit in the upper level for the very first time. What a great overview it was especially since the new extended screens didn't ruin my view of the game. I usually sit in the upper level at Wrigley Field where I've seen 84 games, at least one every year since 1988. I have games planned there in July & August to keep that streak intact for another year. I also prefer National League baseball but that doesn't stop me from going to American League games LOL.         

I haven't even been to 84 games in total! Wow. 

Ryan, I'm an exception to the rule. 84 games is usually a half a season for me. I live in NYC. I have full season tickets to the Mets & Yankees. 

A decent argument indeed. I for one, enjoy a thoughtful debate that is primarily based on personal perception. After all, when it comes to baseball parks and proper civil behavior, it really is OK if you have a different opinion. I've been attending games since 1970. Some seasons I made just a game while other years,  I dedicated myself to about 60. I'm over 1120 lifetime games and have seen 42 MLB ballparks. I've still not been to all the cities but I've been fortunate to attend games in 16 stadiums no longer used or raised. (I'm counting only regular and post season game ballparks, no spring training). Never the less, I love the older intimate ball parks from years ago. I go for the game. I don't require a selfie overlooking a ballpark vista, I don't dine on a stadium plate of sushi or other local favorite, and I definitely don't need an in park merry go round ride. I'm not disturbed by close knit corridors and an occasional post or overhang. I don't own a $300 jersey of a favorite player. Yet, I've learned more about the game, life and my own abilities because when I go to many games, I tend to walk or use mass transit. I've sat behind a post and had to know the players because I couldn't see the scoreboard. I bring a scorecard. I've brought in my own snacks and refreshments. Often, I spend just about $5-$10 for the whole day including ticket. Only in MLB can a fan do that. Today, going to Wrigley or Fenway is pricey. The fan's demands and stadium updates have created an economy that requires $40 - $50 per game for a just a marginal seat during the week. Still, the good energy from those ball parks, the fan knowledge, and sheer history of the place is a joyful experience at either Fenway or Wrigley. I'm split on my opinion for which is my favorite. I likely would give a nod to Wrigley. I liked Fenway more before they put the seats on top of the Monster. However, I like that a few houses across the street from Wrigley have roof top seating. Nothing like the experience of taking in a game at those two wonderful ballparks. Let's hit a game this weekend, whose in?

Stuart, Well said. We need to meet up one of these days. I just need to know your take on closers. You my friend have seen many really good baseball games in your life. As for this weekend, please feel free to come to Citi Field that's where you'll find me. Enjoy the rest of your day. Gary 

I'm with you.  I like both, but Fenway is in my top 3.  When I went to 2 games there in 2016, it seemed like the fans were overall more focused on the game.  I have sat in the bleachers at Wrigley and it feels like no one is actually there for the game.  Also, I always find the concourse at Wrigley to be very cramped, I didn't find that at Fenway.  That being said, I like going to a game at Wrigley every year if possible (it's only a few hours drive for me) and will be there the day before the meetup, on July 20.

I've been to both with my family (including three young kids) and I preferred Fenway over Wrigley.  There were a lot more things for kids to do at Fenway. Yawkey Way (or Jersey Street as they call it now) had loads of activities for the young ones.  If I was a twenty year old with my buddies, I would probably pick Wrigley for the party scene.



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