Hey fellow chasers, especially those in the Frisco area.  Since I'm about done with the Major/Minor league parks (6 minor league parks right now)  my next bucket list is to see the Twins at every MLB park.  I'm over halfway there.  Anyway, I'm flying out to Frisco to see them Friday June 8th, then heading right back to the airport to fly home.  Using miles so it should be fairly cheap.  Any tips would be helpful.  Is it CalTrain that goes to the park?  Does that leave the airport?  BART?  Any inside info would help.  I'm also planning a game at Sun Trust, but I'm sure it'll be before the meet up.  Good luck and safe travels to all us chasers out there.  Have fun!!!

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Hello Jim,

You can take BART from the airport to the Embarcadero station, then either walk about a mile or take the Muni to the ballpark. It's a nice walk if you're up to it, especially if you choose to walk along the waterfront. But if not, the Muni Metro will take you right to the stadium. And the station is right in the BART station.

BART is your best option as CalTrain does not stop right at the airport. You would take BART to get to the nearest CalTrain station (Millbrae).


Hi Lois, thanks for the info.  That's pretty much what I thought, but wanted confirmation.  This is in June, so if it's a nice day I'll take the Bart and go for a walk.  Otherwise, plan B.  Thanks again.  Jim

Biggest tip: don't ever call it Frisco.  Like ever.  That's grounds for justifiable homicide out there.



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