I'm getting that itch... that itch to plan a Baseball Road Trip!! I'm putting together a couple possible quick weekends. Can't wait for tickets to go on sale so I can secure them and the rest of the details!

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(My desk this morning at work.. Man I LOVE this time of the year!!)

So I need to see both the New York Ballparks as well as Nationals Park and their huge video screen to (re)complete my tour... I got approval from my wife last night to do this trip and I am hoping a friend can talk his wife into letting him go with me :) The scheduling is tricky if my buddy Bob goes with me, cause of his time constraints, but this is what I came up with:
June 9th - Fly into BWI - Nationals game @ 7:05pm vs Reds
June 10th - Orioles game @ 7:05pm vs Mariners
June 11th - Mets game @ 7:10pm vs Phillies
June 12th - Yankees game @ 7:05pm vs Mets
June 13th - Phillies game @ TBA vs Red Sox

If Bob can't go, I will probably change to a May schedule, if I can get Red Sox/Yankees tix for Yankee Stadium. Anyone else planning on being at any of these games above? Would be cool to meet up with some other Ballpark Chasers on the road!
Sounds like a great trip! Keep us updated as I am sure a lot of Ballpark Chasers will be doing the Yankee/Citi trip this summer! Single game tickets should be going on sale within the next few weeks...
The dates are set and my buddy Bob is coming with me for his first trip East of the Mississippi and his 2nd Ballpark trip (he went with me to U.S. Cellular & Miller Park in 2002, with a stop at 'The Field of Dreams'). Looking forward to it!

June 16th - Camden Yards - my 3rd time
June 17th - Citizens Bank Park - my 2nd time
June 18th - Yankee Stadium (new) - my 1st time
June 19th - Citi Field - my 1st time
June 20th - Nationals Field - my 1st time and #30 current park for me!

More details as it all unfolds :)
I know what you mean I got my scheduals ready but I was lucky and went to spring training for some great games



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