Hey there, just found this sight, I love it! I am planning a trip to Chicago the last week of July, is it best to stay at one Hotel to see both the Cubs and the Sox, or spend a few days at pone to see the Cubs, then to a different hotel to see the Sox that is closer to US Cellular?

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I'm going in July for a day too and then swinging back through for Rangers in August. Was looking at the Wit as it is right on the red line which serve a both parks (and the airports)

I've heard staying within walking distance isn't really doable in Chicago. That if you're stayin in the city, stay along the red line like Jennifer suggested.  We are also going in July, but driving in for the day and leaving after the night game, heading north towards another ballpark.

Without a doubt stay somewhere along the CTA Red Line and just use public transit. Wrigley is in a residential neighborhood and the Cell is adjacent to one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Both parks have a red line stop a stone's throw from the ballpark (35th/Sox for the Cell & Addison for Wrigley).

If you want to drive, you're looking at a minimum of $25-30 for parking at both parks (significantly more for easy out parking around Wrigley). If you're going to a night or weekend Cubs game, you can park at the DeVry campus on the North Side ($6) and taking a free shuttle to Wrigley...only problem is that I don't know how long after the game the shuttle stops running if you are planning on hitting a Wrigleyville bar.

Thanks everyone, currently my plan is: Fly in the night of the 25th of July, go to the Cubs on the 26th (I want an Ernie Banks statue lol) Sunday the 27th I plan on getting up early and taking the train to Milwakee for the Brewers game (1:10 start) then back at night by train to Chicago. Monday to Thursday Wrigley for the Rockies and Cubs, then Friday/ Saturday for the Twins/ Sox...fly home Monday

You might be best served to rent a car for the day to go up to Milwaukee. I lived there for a couple of years, and the public transit system is lacking - largest city I've ever been to that doesn't have a light rail of any kind. Getting to the city on the train will be easy, but getting from the station downtown to Miller Park near the suburbs and back will be a challenge.



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