I am thinking that having the actual tickets for each game may make a good collectors item. Those of you who have done this, yes or no? Is there something else that would be better as far as memorabilia from each park? I am not a big collectors guy, so simple and inexpensive is best.
If it is the actual ticket stubs, a friend told me to buy the tickets through MLB and have them mailed. It takes about a week to receive them in the mail. Since this is the first official trip, I want to start out with the right system.

I appreciate any feedback you can give. Thank you!

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Hello Tom, I also keep all of the ticket stubs for all of the games I go to. The issue with getting them mailed to you, is that they sometimes show up on the boring Ticketmaster stock, which aren't very nice to look at. I have found the best way to get nice stubs is by buying your tickets and picking them up at will call, which usually costs a dollar or two more. You won't get a stub as nice as the season ticket holders, but the stub should at the very least have the home teams logo on it. If you don't care how the stubs look, then just getting them mailed will be fine. I also collect the little 18" wooden bats for all of the teams I have seen play at home. Like you said, they are a nice inexpensive momento to have. Have a great trip!!

What a great collection that will be!

I started chasing ballparks and then figured out I was chasing ballparks, so I did not have a system or plan. I do have a great collection of insulated mugs which I love because I bring coffee with me to work every morning and it is a little reminder of my past trips. No collector value, but they make me smile.

Creating memories and smiles is what it is all about!

Great question, Tom! I keep my ticket stub from every game that I attend. My plan was to create a collage after I see all 30 and frame it. I also pick up a free pocket schedule from each new ballpark that I visit as a reminder of the season that I attended. Here is a link to another forum where Chasers listed what they collect. As for getting a physical ticket, it's becoming harder and harder. Picking it up at will-call or getting it mailed will ensure it. Happy Chasing!

Awesome, Craig! Great suggestion on the free pocket schedule. Where do they give those away at the ballpark, in the on-site stores?

Also, this may be a dumb question, but I can't recall the last time I picked up a ticket through will-call. I assume it is only buying the tickets available through the Stadium site that this can be done? Is that how you buy your tickets?

Pocket schedules could be in the team shop or member services. Ask any employee and they can direct you. As for tickets, yes, if you buy them directly through the team's website, you have the option for will-call. I use a combination of buying from TicketMonster.com (they are our affiliate) and directly through the team.

Unfortunately we didn't realize we were going to start chasing all 30 until a few parks in so I don't have all of our stubs but one good way to keep "souvenirs" is to take pics ! I also use the app MLB ballpark which helps me keep track of the games I went to since we are going to ball parks 1-2 per year since they are spread out across the country. I also have cut out the details from the printed tickets and started a scrapbook. I wish I had saved more but im happy with what I can collect now. I also get postcards or whatever I can to add to the scrapbook even if its not from the very first visit as long as I have something to note that yes, I have been to the stadium.

I collect baseballs with the team logo on it and bought shadow boxes/display cases to put them in. The balls run about 10-12 bucks...not bad.

That's a great memory! Thank you for the suggestion.

I bought my tickets on line and had them mailed. The ones that came like the plain ticketmaster tickets I went to the ticket window early and asked for them to change them to get the teams logo on the ticket. also collected the mini bats with team logos, but haven't found a great way to display them yet. It's a lot of fun chasing ballparks and there is always the memories that make it worth the chase!!

Thank you, James. I appreciate the response. Good suggestion on going to the ticket window to change them. I would not have thought of that.

I look forward to making some memories with my daughter!

Collecting hats is a popular option



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