Hi, I am a new member and am leaving with my 12 year old son tomorrow (7/25/13) for Nationals Park and Orioles Park. It is our first official Ballpark Chasers trip. Anyone have an idea on what we could collect from each stadium? Thanks So much!

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Hey Matt! The most common things I hear that are collected are: ticket stubs, mini ice cream helmets, pins, souvenir cups, scorecards, lapel pins, or something that has the ballpark name on it. Check out this forum for more ideas. Have fun!

Most teams sell game used baseballs around $35 from that nights game. I bought a game used first base from a Cardinals game in 2012 a little bit more pricey. Make sure you have an actual ticket stub not the print out stub hub or team copy. Put the ticket with a photo of you and your son from the game with field in the background. If you do have the print out sometimes guest services will help out with a stub near the end of the game. Have a great time at the Ballpark.

Thank you Craig and Bob and Kelly, I appreciate it!

The only problem with ticket stubs are that teams are slowly finding ways to move away from them. In fact I was at last years NL Wild Card Game and all I have to show for it is a receipt as no tickets were issued.

I like to collect scorecards and keep score at every game. Scorecards are inexpensive (anywhere from free to $3) and give you a complete recap of the game you attended. Other ideas could include team baseballs, mini bats, hats, or pennants. Whatever you choose enjoy it and the journey!

I collect the mini bats from the Majors. and Logo baseballs from the minor league stadiums. I got a nice 43 baseball home plate display for the minor league baseballs.

The only problem with trying to get stuff with 'Nationals Park' on it, is that the team store doesn't have much to choose from. They don't make any pins (which is what I collect, along with my ticket stubs), but they might have a shirt or magnet. Go for whatever you think is unique, and you would want to hold on to!

I collect the pins and my husband collects magnets. We started with postcards and shot glasses, but Miller Park didn't have postcards, and I dishwashered his Cubs shot glass to death. We usually pick up a schedule and a souvenir beer cup too. I've had to widen my goals. We both wanted views of the park, but have often had to settle for whatever, and I still have to order things from Amazon sometimes. Some of the parks have amazing gift shops and some are really sad (Dodgers, A's). I will post pics of our trophies momentarily.

Nothing better than team logo baseballs - bought a mahogany frame that holds 30 balls (one for each team) - has the MLB logo etched on the glass. Also has a plaque - we put "Baseball Stadiums I have Visited". See my page for a picture of it.

I always buy a team baseball for my one nephew and an ice cream helmet cup for my other nephew. Sadly, we just found out that not all stadiums have the ice cream helmet cup (Miller Park)! We improvised, bought a Brewers pin and slapped it on an extra helmet cup.

I would recommend shot glasses. Almost every park has them and sometimes you can find commemorative ones depending on the team and year (100th Anniversary of Fenway, 40th Anniversary of fill-in-the-blank, etc.). I am missing a couple when teams didn't have (like when I went to the Metrodome a few years back) but that is rare.

Stadium Pins. Most ballpark's have them. Here in Houston, I have pins that say "Enron Field." I have "Jacobs Field", now Progressive Field. You can purchase a glass case with a black felt backing to display your pins after you have a generous amount.

Thanks for all the replies! We went with team logo baseballs..Dave and Alex I love your ball frame!



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