Hello Fellow Chasers, I've been wondering if anyone has found a map that you can display your visited ballparks, both major and minor league. Something you can update and share on facebook or where ever else. I think it would be cool for each user here to have their own map of conquests. Something similar the "cities I've visited" map on travelocity. https://apps.facebook.com/tripadvisor


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Hi Jonathan, welcome to Ballpark Chasers! Thanks for joining us. For a number of years we had a ballpark widget that could be displayed on your profile page, shared on social media, as well as added to a personal website. Unfortunately, Google maps made changes and it no longer works on our platform. It's not in our budget to rebuild at this time so we are still working on a replacement. Sorry about that...hopefully I can come up with something by next season. Thanks again for signing up! -Craig B. Landgren (Founder of Ballpark Chasers)

And if you want the physical (non-digital) way to track your visits, check out our friends over at MLB Ballpark Pass-Port.



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