Hey everyone! KC is next on our all 30 road trip. We will be there June 3-5 for the game against the Twins on the 4th! We will be hitting the Negro Baseball Museum on the 5th. We are looking for anyone to come to the game with us/show us around the park/tell us about their love of baseball and also we need a place to sleep! If you can help let us know.

message me on here or email me reachellespieker@gmail.com

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The Negro League Baseball Museum was nice, but they do not allow photography in the museum, so that was a little disappointing. You can take photos outside the museum. Enjoy your trip.

Hey I was there on the 8th, very nice ... What were your thoughts on the stadium?

The K was gorgeous!! I loved it so much. The fountains set up a beautiful backdrop for a game to be played and the energy was pretty high even though the Royals lost. The NLBM was great too. Super informative and I was in awe of the baseball history I learned



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