Hey, new to the site. Going for Cleveland this Saturday, then leaving for Detroit for a Sunday afternoon game, across the border for Toronto Monday night, then to Pittsburgh for 2 games. It'll be tight but hoping to still check out a little of each city and having a taste of the local food.

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Went to all 4. PNC is definitely hands down the best (still have COL, KC, STL) but can't imagine those beating it. I wasn't sure it'd beat out SF, but it did. It's simple, but not boring. The backdrop is spectacular and it's so intimate, it's almost like a minor league park. Even in the 3rd level, it feels great (unlike Skydome). I like how the broadcast booths and press boxes are at the top. Plenty of standing room. On the other hand, there's Progressive Field, which I know was built in that short era of retro massive parks. The renovations look great and there's plenty of nice features like the bars, but it's too big. Not sure what to think of the standing room in top deck of right field. Nice park, but massive. Comerica is very nice, but not quite as good as PNC. Skydome is showing it's age. Might have been nicer if the roof was open.

Hi Marv,

Thanks for posting this!  Sounds like a fun trip.  I was looking at a similar trip, flying to meet a friend of mine in Chicago, and driving to those parks from there, but it didn't work out this year.  Still hope to make that trip, maybe next year!  The driving distances don't look bad for that loop. Seems like everyone agrees that PNC is one of the best!   

Yeah it was a great trip.  Luckily I avoided the rain by a few days.  



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