For those of you who have completed all 30, I would like to know which park was last on your list, and why. Was it the city's accessibilty to you, you weren't very interested in the town or team, the schedule, etc?

For those who haven't completed all 30, which parks do you see at the end of your list? For me it's Seattle, because my wife is expecting an Alaskan cruise when we go!

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For me, the last one was a simple choice - Marlins Park, since their stadium opened this past year. I wanted to end my list with the old Yankees stadium, being a fan of the 50's era baseball and the history of the stadium itself. Unfortunately (or fortunately), depending how you look at it, new stadiums were being built.

My last one will probably be Colorado as I want to mix in the Rocky Mountains and maybe Yellowstone Park to that trip.

Mine was Marlins Park last season, only because it was the newest one to open. The 29th park was San Diego- the reasoning for this was simply timing on my personal schedule. Good luck!

For me, it will be a matter of timing with my personal schedule. For the trips I've been planning, I'm also trying to work in visiting friends from college and high school that live in the areas, so I seem to be gravitating towards stadium trips that are near people I know. So I'll probably end up going to the stadiums on the west coast last, and probably Seattle last (because my friends that were living there are now moving away so my incentive to go there just because less), but then, it may just depend on the teams' schedules as well.

Of the original 30 mine was Fenway Park. The symbolism of the park, the age, and location made a trip of a lifetime. Since visiting the Red Sox we've been to opening day at New Yankee, Citi Field, and Miami Marlins park. All great parks but when you finish your 30 nothing can wipe the smile off your face. Unfortunately I pulled a "pope" and kissed the ground when I entered Fenway. I learned my lesson never to do that again.



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