Sometime in May my son and I will be driving to Detroit for a Tigers game and stopping in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, DC, and Baltimore and Philly to catch games there as well. Any recommendations on ticket sources, hotels, fun eating spots etc., are greatly appreciated.

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Hey Joseph,

I figured I would give you a few tips about Detroit and Comerica Park, since I live in the area and go to countless number of games each year.

For starters, I would recommend buying seats through the team or StubHub. The scalpers who surround Comerica shoot the price of their tickets up to the point of absurdity and I tend to stay away from them. I would recommend going during the week and since you're going in May, you shouldn't have to deal with premium pricing.

As for parking, that will be a MAJOR issue. One of the few ways out of the city is under construction for the Red Wings new arena, so that is all sectioned off. Try to find a restaurant near the park if you can or by the old Tiger Stadium off of Michigan Ave. It is quite a ways out but often times they have shuttles which take you to the game.

Also, Hard Rock Café, and MGM Grand have free parking (Hard Rock you have to get ticket validated), but those are quite a hike as well.

Look along Brush St or surrounding streets for parking around $20. Sometimes, Greektown Casino is the best place to park, and it is a nice walk through the city (less than 5 minutes to CoPa). Finding parking near the park is next to impossible, as most of those lots are for Season Ticket Holders and Suite members.

Otherwise, the food options are bountiful. There are several restaurants in Greektown, Bookie's, Nemo's, Mercury Bar in Corktown off of Michigan, and the Detroit Bar, along with many others surrounding the park. And Hockeytown Café isn't a bad choice, either. But it does get crowded before games since it is walking distance from the park. There is also Cheli's Chili Bar about a few blocks from the stadium

I wish you all luck on your visit to Comerica and to Detroit. Also, while you are there, check out the Riverfront and tours of Ford Field, if you are a football fan.

Hope this helps.

I go to about 25 games a year at Comerica and I always park at MGM Grand Casino. It's free and I've never had any issues getting out of the city from there. It's about a 10 minute walk from the stadium, but it's very safe (you'll be walking with hundreds of other fans). While you're in town, take the time to stop at the old Tiger Stadium site at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. A group called the Navin Field Grounds Crew has been mowing the lawn and keeping the site clean for the last five years. Bring your glove and bat and play some ball! You can enter through the gate on Michigan.



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