I'm interested in knowing if anyone has been to (or has heard of) the Midnight Sun Classic? It's played at Growden Memorial Park, in Fairbanks, beginning at 10:30 pm every year at the Summer Solstice (I think they may have skipped the last year or two).  What's it like? (I know it's a day game all night).  It's on my bucket list, and I'd be interested in hearing anyone's experiences.

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I have heard of it, and sadly only after my son and DIL moved out of Fairbanks down to Anchorage. I'll still go back to Fairbanks on occasion (they have one of the best quilt/fabric shops I've ever been to) so this is on my baseball bucket list. I haven't been to the game, but I did arrive late on Summer Soltice and watched as the sun dipped behind the mountains in the distance for a short time between 1-2 a.m., and then start coming back up again. It was almost a perfectly normal day in the middle of the night. Make sure you take time to check out Chena Hot Springs, about an hour drive away. Well worth it. There's also a really neat farm built into mountainside, if you're into that sort of thing, Calypso Farm. The owners are very friendly and the site has all kinds of things to see. Summer farming in Central Alaska is a thing because of the extended daylight, and some crops grow huge! A worthwhile Alaskan experience.  I have more Fairbanks tips if you're interested. Just let me know. 

Thanks a lot Laura for responding and those tips.  Fortunately I'm going to the Classic, next month (game starts at 10pm).  I'm excited and will follow up with some of your helpful hints.


That is so cool! I'm excited for you.  A great local shop for locally grown or hand crafted foods is The Roaming Root Cellar which also has a fabulous selection of Alaskan gifts; I highly recommend eating at Soba in the downtown area; and if you want some culture and Alaskan history check out the museum at UAF, which also provides a beautiful hilltop view of the area. I enjoyed Pioneer Park, but admitedly it is a bit cliche. Have a great trip, and don't forget that bug spray, no joke! 

Thanks again.  I'll take you up on all that.  And I have bug spray.



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