On Friday, July 1st, my family and I are leaving on our most audacious ballpark trip yet. We will be seeing 5 stadiums, 4 of them for the first time, in 7 days. This will bring our total to 25! The trip is centered around going back to Wrigley Field and seeing my Reds play there on my 18th birthday.

We fly into Minneapolis Friday morning. We plan on visiting the Mall of America that afternoon, but besides that our Minneapolis plans are wide open. Then on the afternoon of the 2nd, we will be going to Target Field for Rangers @ Twins. Target Field is our 22nd ballpark, and besides Wrigley Field, it is the one I am looking forward to most.

Sunday the 3rd will be mostly spent driving from the Twin Cities into Chicago. We will probably stop in Madison, Wisconsin on the way. Then on the 4th of July we will be going to our 23rd stadium, US Cellular Field, to see Yankees @ White Sox. This is another afternoon game, so we will be able to watch the fireworks from Navy Pier that night.

On the 5th, which will be my 18th birthday, we will go to the North Side to see the Reds play the Cubs. This is our second trip to Wrigley Field. We saw the Cubs beat the Reds that time 2 years ago. Our first game there was a night game, so it will be exciting to see Wrigley in the day.

On Wednesday the 6th, we will be driving from Chicago to St. Louis. We will visit the Arch that evening. Thursday afternoon, we will be going to Busch Stadium, our 24th ballpark. We will be seeing Pirates @ Cardinals. The rest of the day is open, however, so I would love some more suggestions for what to do in St. Louis. Food-wise, I've heard Anthonio's is good. Does anyone have any other suggestions of places to eat?

Friday the 8th we will be driving into Kansas City for the final stop on our trip. We will be heading to Kauffman Stadium that evening, Stadium #25. We will be seeing Mariners @ Royals, and it will be the only night game of the 5 on our trip. We don't fly home until the 10th. We are going to visit the Negro Leagues museum, the World War I museum, and Schlitterbahn water park in KC also, but we are unsure when.

Thanks for reading, and I will post lots of pictures from the ballparks! Feel free to give us any advice you may have from the cities or the stadiums.

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Wow, that sounds like a great trip! Make sure to check out our Chaser Guides before you go for all our staff recommendations. I am curious about the WWI museum. Let me know what you think. Have fun...safe travels...and GO REDS!

Hello, I did a similar trip earlier in the year. Spent a night in St. Paul without seeing a game, have been to Target Field a few times already, then took in games at Miller Park, Wrigley Field, Busch Stadium and Kauffman Stadium. You should/will love 4 of the 5 ballparks you are going to. I have been to 25 current parks as well and Target Field is in my top 5, maybe because I compare it to the old Metrodome though. Wrigley is Wrigley, you just can't go wrong. When you go to Busch Stadium, you will see why the Cardinals are a model franchise, they even do their stadium and surrounding area right. Kauffman is a diamond in the rough, as you look down on it in the revene it sits in. U.S. Cellular isn't the worst place in the world to watch a game, that would be Marlins Park :), but it does/will not compare to the others in my mind. We pretty much drove in, watched the game, slept and then left in the morning off to our next stop. The drives are all very easy drives, except the Minneapolis to Chicago will feel a little long, but the scenery through Wisconsin was surprisingly scenic. I would say, "hope you to have a great time", but going to those parks, you are going to have a heck of a time not. Drive safe and I hope you see some good games.

PS Make sure you hit a Lou Malnati's for deep dish when you are in Chicago. We went to Sugarfire Grill in downtown St. Louis for BBQ and thought it was awesome as well.

Thanks! I loved Lou Malnati's last time I was in Chicago, and I was definitely planning on returning. I will check out Sugarfire Grill, but we are going to try at least one BBQ place in KC, so we might try something different in St. Louis. It's really going to be a great trip.

Really enjoyed meeting your family when you visited the "K". Sorry that you didn't see a Royals win. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

We did the same trip last year but only in a five day period. Went to Wrigley and Miller the same day then did Target the next day drove back to US Cellular the third day then did Busch and finished in Kauffman and drove the twelve hours back home that night.

Great times had so much fun. Enjoy and be safe.



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