Hi. Question from Australia. Is the MLB schedule usually released in September or after the Winter meetings? Heading to the East Coast in July 2012 and trying to visit ballparks where I can. Cheers for any help

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Hi Scott, the last few years they have been posting a tentative schedule in September.  If not then, by the start of the playoffs for sure.  The start times will not all be posted so you will have to check back often as to arrange travel itineraries and such.  Make sure you post what days you are looking to travel when it comes closer to the time as the chasers here can help you with a lot of good info.. Cheers mate..DCB


Thanks very much for the reply mate. Much appreciated. Truly looking forward to another memorable trip away with a few games thrown into the mix!


It was around September 10th of last year and most likely will be the week of September 12th of this year. This is not public info yet but my guess is it will be after the Sept. 11th anniversary/tribute.

Cheers mate. Appreciate the heads up.
It has been announced that the sched will be released on Sept 14!  Yay!

Awesome! Thanks for keeping me up to date. Most appreciated.


Hi Danny, they are referring to the 2012 MLB schedule being released on Sept 14, 2011. Does that answer your question?




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