Does anyone subscribe to I'm looking to subscribe since I travel a bunch. I would like to have the ability to watch the games on my iPad or to connect my iPad to the hotel tv to watch my hometown games.

I noticed that currently has a premium subscription option for $109.99 for the year, and they reduced the normal subscription to $89.99. The significant differences in the versions are listed as: home and away broadcasts, live game dvr, and multi-game view.

For the listed features, I am leaning towards the regular version at the cheaper price because I don't think I would use the additional premium features. Are there any other features I would miss out on? For example, I've read a few blogs and some people complain about the iPad tv output jack being disabled, and I wonder if that happens in the regular, premium, or both versions.

Any advice is appreciated- thanks!!


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Hey Katie! I subscribed to the premium subscription this year and love it on my iPhone and computer! The best part is streaming 4 games at once from a laptop and enjoying my Reds announcers! The only disappointment has been trying to watch it on my TV, streaming wireless through my Samsung blu-ray player. It constantly freezes on me and I cannot get through a game without having to restart it (so annoying). The same blu-ray player does fine with streaming Netflix so this has to be a issue I would think. 

I wouldn't think the iPad output jack issue would have anything to do with the subscription version. However, you may want to contact their technical support before moving forward. 

Let us know what you decide!

Thanks, Craig! I broke down and bought tonight (standard version) since I HAD to see the end of Liriano's no-hitter!

Looks like there's always an option to pay the difference and upgrade to premium, so I'll see how well the standard version works for me. Hopefully I don't have to upgrade! I don't have my HDMI cable on the road with me, so I'll have to test the video out when I get home. I will let you know!

Thanks again!
Haha...I watched the 9th inning driving home on my iPhone! Not safe, but had to watch it live! :)
Also wanted to share that the iPad HDMI cable works with the app (normal subscription) so you can watch the games on your tv. Totally worth it- enjoy!!

Oh cool! I wonder if there a is cable that would work to run from my laptop to my TV?

Of course!!  Any VGA or HMDI cable (depending on the output for your laptop and the input on your TV) should work to display just about anything on your laptop.

Once you connect the laptop to the TV, set your TV to the correct input, then use the function key combo (usually FN and another Fx key pressed at the same time) on your laptop to display the contents on your screen.

The iPad app is fantastic, and well worth it when you have a subscription. I'll use this opportunity to also whine about not being able to watched blacked out games. I would gladly pay $200/year to be able to watch my Giants, without blackouts, online. Sadly, MLB won't accomodate people like me, who spend a lot more time in front of a computer than TVs. At least, not yet…

Hi Katie or others, if you are have a wireless connection try and follow the instructions for free MLB games streamed online by moderators.  You only have too download a few applications and you can watch virtually any game for free.  The same for any hockey might be the best free sports website out there.


I myself and still kicking around the idea of getting my first MLB subscription. If my budget wasn't as tight I'd drop that $100 for premium tonight. Another Sox Yankees series I won't get to see...



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