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This list does not include Fenway/Wrigley and Dodger as they are classics and stand above all else


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Interesting list, Ed. Is this for just the parks you have seen? Have you been to Safeco?
been to all but Rogers Centre and hatioanls Park, love SafeCo just not a top 10, IMO, I see you are from Seattle, but the overall feel of the place was just "big" maybe its the roof
Yeah, been here about 7 years...originally from Colorado. For me, Safeco would probably crack my top 5. However, I have only been to 14 active parks so it could change.
A good list, can't argue with much of it, although I would have put Citizens Bank in my top ten. Still, I haven't been to AT&T, Petco or Coors yet, and I expect they're probably as good.



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