hi everyone,we will be in Seattle early June. Does anyone have recommendations for a hotel? thanks.

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Hi Robert. It has been awhile since I have been to Seattle. Did you look through the chaser guides yet? Its helpful for me when trying to decide where to sleep.

hi Jack, yes I look there and the three listed are over $300 per night....wow.

I'm going out there for games next week. MarQueen Hotel is were I'm staying but got the hotel and air fare through expedia.

Thanks I'll take a look.

What is your budget? Seattle is an expensive hotel city and there are not a lot of options close to Safeco Field. Will you have a rental car?

Our budget is $120 for a hotel in Seattle. Yes we will have a rental car so we aren't limited to where we can go, thanks.

I would suggest looking at staying in Bellevue (Seattle suburb). I added Hotel Bellevue to the "Chaser budget" as I was seeing prices under $130 per night. Let me know where you end up staying and your thoughts of the hotel.

The best thing to do in Seattle is to forget the rental car, unless you want to travel far away. When I've gone I've stayed at hotels at SeaTac and then taken the train to the stadium. There are a bunch of hotels by SeaTac that are under $120 a night. Make sure the hotel is either within walking distance of the station or has a shuttle that'll take you there.

The Clarion is a short walking distance from it.

we are flying into Seattle for a game then driving back to San Diego with games at Giants, A's,Dodgers and Angels. I called a popular hotel chain and they gave us a great deal for staying with them for the two week trip. They were very helpful with discounts and ballpark to hotel locations.

That is great! What hotel did you end up reserving for Seattle?

we went with Best Western for the entire trip. I told them my price range and they were great.

I stayed at The Laquinta near the Space Needle. The Metro was close and it was a good area.



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