I am already looking ahead to next years trips. I was wondering if anyone knew of any teams that were having new stadiums built. I want to make sure that I don't miss any of the current parks prior to teams moving to a new park. Thanks!

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The only one I am aware of in MLB is Atlanta. They have a new ballpark opening in 2017. We aim to have our Official Ballpark Chasers Meetup there in 2017!

I live in the Atlanta area. We are very much looking forward to the opening of Sun trust Park in 2017. That would be great to have the chasers meetup that year at the new park. Keep me posted and I would be happy to help with anything I can. Looking forward to it!

There are no new MLB parks opening next year, but, if you enjoy minor league baseball parks there are always a couple that open every year. There haven been several new ones,iNcluding,Charlotte, Nashville, to name a couple.



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