While I've been to all 30 ballparks I haven't seen the Phillies in all 30. So I'm going to Great American on Thursday and following it up with the opener at Citizens Bank on Friday.

The Braves play 4 opening days this year. If I lived in Atlanta I'd probably figure out a way to go to all of them.

Are you going to any opening days?

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I'll be going to my 2nd first opening for a park... First game at SunTrust in Atlanta on 4/14. Back on 3/30/2008 I was at Nationals Park opener (Not coincidentally, the Nats were playing the Braves that night, too). Park openers arn't necessarily a target of mine, but it's cool if the opportunity exists. I was also at the final game at Turner in October '16, so that makes for an interesting transition. 

Kept the streak alive in 2017 - I have been to every home opener at Wrigley Field since 1993.  I. Love. Opening Day.  Here are some pics if you are interested!

I didn't make it out this year. Pretty cool to see that we had Chasers at 26 MLB Opening Day games this year. Most members posted their "check-ins" and pictures on our Facebook page. 



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